• Red is naturally and chemically superior

    Red has been proven to be more intimidating and more intense than blue. For example, if a man wearing red and a man wearing blue each offered to fight you, you would instinctively go with fighting the man in blue clothes, since it is commonly used as a calming color. Also, blood cells are red when they have oxygen, and blue when they are deprived. Therefore, red is logically superior.

  • 1. Who Cares? 2.Blue is better anyway.

    This really does not matter. I'm sorry but it's true. But I will waste a few minutes of my life to answer this. Basically everyone I know likes a blue the best. Me, my mom, my friends, the boy I'm sitting next to..... They all like blue. I think somehow humans are attached to blue to some way... But, really, whatever.

  • It does'nt really matter

    Red and blue hve there own perks at times and theres really no better then the other because there are too many people to give the out come of what colour is better than the other. Same people favour red others blue. Same people pink same people purple, so it really does'nt matter

  • Does this really matter? Haha I'm just messin'.

    Everyone's opinions vary when it comes to colors. Some people prefer yellow to pink, turquoise to gold. Given the opinion of red or blue I must pick blue. Blue literally is a cooler color. I mean it's just so out there. Besides that it is my second favorite color. Having my favorite football team as the Denver Broncos, I was influenced at a young age. Orange is my favorite color though. To conclude though, red is not better than blue.

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imabench says2013-06-25T03:30:50.460
Did this really have to be an opinion question?