• Yes, It is.

    Reddit has several threads/ subreddits which allow for users of varied interests to interact on the platform.
    Also, People on Reddit are nicer and more open to constructive arguments, And seem much more open minded, In my experience. They know to disagree amicably.
    9gaggers are shockingly racist, Especially shitting on (haha) developing countries to a point where they cross lines. They also think they're much more knowldegable than they actually are.

  • 9gag is trash

    Tbh everything i see on 9gag, i’ve already seen it on reddit ages ago and like its pointless and useless, 9gag is like that dumb preteen who thinks he’s cool but is actually stupid and lame and yes i’m ranting because personally, i hate everything to do with 9gag (and i need more words here)

  • Moderated Comment Section

    Sometimes 9gag top comments are more a joke, troll or dick comments even if it's related to serious subjects. Reddit comments are usually moderated, which is good. I don't have to say more, that's the only point I have to leave here. And what else I could say, Reddit has the best comment systems out there.

  • Reddit is better

    Our community is more polite, more celebrities etc prefer it, Robert Downey JR, Gaben, Steve Jobs (Deceased RIP man), Bill Gates, Etc. We also have fundraisers for people/events/disasters, and we have free giveaways, i don't see 9gag contributing to the world. I personally don't have any problem against 9gag, but i thing reddit is better, and on the stealing web content part, the stuff that i see on 9gag front page, seen it on reddit atleast a week ago

  • Le 9fag army are thieves!

    Not only is most of 9GAG's content unfunny, but unoriginal too. Reddit has a nicer community. Also, the 9GAG admins select which content gets to be on the hot page, so they are basically in control of what is seen by 9gaggers, meaning any posts that reveal the evil plights of 9Gag and it's community are hidden.

  • Everything is better than 9gag

    I'm giving no love to Reddit when I agree with this question, but 9gag is such an abyss of unfunny that it has to win by default. There's at least the unlikely chance something funny will happen on Reddit, going to 9gag is like saying "I'd really like to waste the next few minutes of my life" with brutally overuses memes that are objectively terrible.

  • 9gag steals reddit's memes

    It's been pretty comprehensively proven that reddit is a source for 9gag. 9gag steals reddit's memes and posts then under fake accounts and profiles that they then upvote. Of course they change the date on the meme to make it appear this is not the case. Also, 9gag HIDES all references made in their comments about reddit. Seriously, try posting a comment there about reddit. You will see it yourself. Now log out and try again. Magic, it's gone!

  • No, they are the same.

    Redditors, as they call Reddit users, claim to be smarter then the average 9GAG user, but they are pretty much the same. Both swallow Internet culture and help drive the garbage that creates useless albeit some funny memes. The majority of top Reddit posts consist of some cat or phone-using dog that brings no value to society. The same goes for 9GAG.

  • It's really a case of the lesser evil.

    In this particular case, the first is much less evil than the second. They are both a warehouse for pictures and things of that nature that have been beaten to death, and most of the things that pass through them are just not that original.

    That said, at least Reddit seems to have some interesting discussions sometimes. I've never seen that on 9gag.

  • Yes, Reddit is better than 9GAG, compare the popularity.

    Although it is almost a universal agreement that Reddit and 9GAG are both sources of unoriginal, overused memes, in this case it is a situation of the lesser of two evils. In this case, Reddit is a clear winner. Public opinion of this is evident, as the popularity of Reddit compared to 9GAG clearly illustrates.

  • 9gag is raunchy, Reddit is PC

    Is there such a thing as PC humor?
    I don't know, I've still to appreciate it.
    In 9gag all opinions can be found and there is no such thing as going too far, Which is a great thing.
    Also who gives a shhh if your memes are a month old, If you only visit 9gag it's brand new for you.
    Also, Who the ef wants to open memes one by one; Reddit change your layout for memes.

  • I think 9gag is better overall.

    In Reddit, too see any link, you have to click, and frankly, the pages just look plain ugly. 9gag has a nice layout with all pictures shown where all you have to do is scroll down and the site looks nice. As for stealing, I know Reddit steals too, so don't try to pin us there, Redditors. And besides, it's the internet.. "Stealing" memes is very childish.

  • Stupid Links Design

    No need to click and open every link, you just have to scroll, its actually an intelligent design. Reddit is too inconvenient. Because most of the content is the same, this means 9gag is the better of the two. I have used both the in past and settled on 9gag for this reason.

  • I personally prefer 9gag

    I've seen that reddit users are always accusing 9gag of stealing their memes. Having been a loyal 9gag user for the last couple of years I can assure you that this is not true. At least they steal no more memes than reddit. The reason I prefer 9gag is because of the atmosphere. As I said before reddit users are always accusing 9gag of stealing and i have hardly ever seen a 9gag user doing the same to reddit or any other site.

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