Is regular school (yes) or homeschooling (no) better?

  • Makes kids responsible

    When your home schooled you can not make friends and interact with other kids your age. It makes you lazy because you get to stay in your Pj's all day. Regular school prepares you for collage. In High school you have the same routines as when you get into college

  • Yes, Regular Teaches Children to Get Along with Others

    Children need to learn the facts, and pick up skills that
    will help them get ahead in the world. Yet schooling is much more than
    book-learning. Children also need to learn to make friends, and to get along
    without them when they are not around. They need to learn cooperation and
    teamwork, to take their turn and to be polite even when provoked. These are
    skills best picked up in a classroom, not home alone.

  • They have better education

    People who are taught in a regular school has better chances of getting a better education. Homeschool teachers may not know everything that the student needs to know. Also, the teachers in a regular school have tools that students need to learn. Homeschool teachers don't have lots of tools or equipment.

  • Home school is better

    Of course everyone is different but for the most part I personally preferred home schooling as opposed to regular schooling mainly because I was able to work at my own pace and I did not have to be distracted about other things that were associated with regular schooling like transportation for one.

  • The Opportunities of Homeschooling

    Our youth are perhaps the most fundamentally crucial basis for which the future generation will build, and there is a terrible incapability of the current federal system to properly satisfy the academic needs of today's student body. Indeed, the public educational system is but a very generalized umbrella, which is content upon providing the most minimal of coverages across the board of students, yet giving nothing in terms of reliable shelter. Students require the individuality of the homeschooling avenue, for which specific interests and talents can be cultivated to utmost potential.

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