Is religion a force for good in the world

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  • Yes, it gives you hope.

    Everybody needs something to believe in. You need some set of moral values and an idea of what you believe is right from wrong. Religion gives people something to believe in and it gives them hope to live their lives. Religion is often the one thing that most people have in common with each other and binds people together.

  • Unintentional and Subconscious Good in War.

    Even though there's homophobia around the world and many other negative aspects of religion, you have to remember that they just don't understand other people's perspectives. They truly believe that they're trying to get you to a better place. Yes, religion can also cause violence, which makes this perspective somewhat contradictory, but these wars are all from misunderstanding. Forgive me if I sound like a hippie in this. So, although religions cause these issues in the world, it's all for a twisted sense of good that they're trying to force upon us. Again, it sounds contradictory, but you really have to take things from their perspectives to get a grasp of everything. I'm a Wiccan, so I don't try to force anything on anyone; but some of my closest kith and kin are baptist, so I kind of understand.

  • Yes it is

    Sure, religion has been used to justify some wars in history, but the good from religion far outweighs the bad.
    For instance, the vast majority of educational institutions were set up and motivated by religion, simply because most religions intrinsically value education and do not uphold it as the prerogative of the rich. The same applies to hospitals and other positive public institutions. In our more contemporary age, it is the churches that run food banks for the poor and actively support charity. I am mainly referring to Christianity as I do not know enough about the other religions but I presume that these other religions also contribute positively in a similar way to Christianity.

  • Initial morals philosophy

    I am an atheist. However, no one can argue with the fact that under the threat of going to hell, people strived to follow basic religion rules (which overall are good) laying ground for normal moral and ethical behaviour that we have now. Of course, in general, not everyone is following this lifestyle.

  • Pertaining to war

    Occasionally you may hear some people claim that more people have been killed on behalf of religion than anything else. The Crusades, The Inquisition, Muslim expansion, Witch trials, Catholic vs Protestant wars, Etc. However, According to the "Encyclopedia of Wars" by Charles Phillips and Alan Axelrod, Which is a collection of all documented wars throughout history, Only 123 of the 1763 wars fought have been motivated by religion. That is only 7% of wars, And barely 2% of all war deaths throughout the history of warfare. World War 1 alone, Which had absolutely nothing to do with religion, Killed 35 million soldiers and civilians, More than all religious wars combined, And that doesn't even include the secular atrocities of the Holocaust, World War 2, Communist Russia and China, And all other wars fought over territory, Resources, Power, Wealth, Revolution, Etc.

    Christianity teaches to love you enemies, And it is a shame when those Christians in name only ignore and abuse this teaching.

  • Yes it is.

    We always hear something negative about religion everyday. About that extremist or that killing. But those idiots are the smallest of the smallest amount of people who call themselves a believer in one religion. Why are we focusing on the minority and not on the majority of good people who believe in religion. It is almost like we are seeking to find the worst of everyone and everything. Religion is a guide and in no big or small religion do i hear something about killing people on your own accord or harming or doing anything negative to anyone. This leads to the fact on whether extremists actually believe in a religion.If they are making up their own rules and going against what is said in their religion, are they actually a believer in any religion. Instead of blaming religion, we should be questioning that maybe extremists use the term religion as a disguise as a motivation to kill. No killer or person who has intentions to kill can never fully prove that what they are doing is right, because what they are doing is not due to religion but the blame should lie on their conscience. What religion does is give us a way to live peacefully, what extremists do is basically make up their own religion,and half associate with another religion. Can you call this person a a believer? I cant. And so this question on whether religion is a force for good, it is! Even in the past , The crusades, the church of England, Bloody Mary, these problems were not for religion, but for the greed of wealth and power. Even in present day, religion is a disguise to hide the atrocious things people do. So religion is responsible for the horrible deeds that have appended, but the blame should solely lie on a persons conscience and their acts. Religion is what people use to cover up the horrible things. But during this time it may be religion people will blindly blame, but the things that cause instability and fear are the same things that have been doing so thousands of years down the line. Greed, Power,Hatred and Wealth.

  • History tells us

    Roman Christians and their isolation of the Jewish, Salem witch trials, Crusades, thirty years war, killing non-believers, forcing people to change to the dominating religion, church having too much power, Ripping hearts out from people for god, halting progression of science, and much more.

    So much evil came from what was said to be good...

    That said, believe what you want as long as you're not hurting anyone.

  • No i disagree absolutely

    Bad for creating differences between people and they could make a trouble between religions and its really really really really really really really really really really really really really really bad for our soiciety and reliogion must not lead to discriminations i hope so plz 6 more words.. A... One

  • No it never really was good to begin with

    Religion basically separates us into different categories and then even in a certain religions like Christianity or Islam it's broken down even more into sub categories I feel that religion is a meant to break down society I feel that everyone should believe in something higher then them because the world would be much more terrible if we didn't cause we would think we are better then each other but I also believe that how you worship your god should b between you and your god......I honestly hate when people come and try to push they're religious views on me I am neither one way or another I live my life according to how I feel I want to live and know that there is somebody somewhere watching over me

    Bad enough we have a billion things that separate us. I.E wealth race. Gender war etc why do we need something that a lot of people don't even believe in to separate us either you believe or you don't that doesn't mean people should throw it in each others faces

  • Nowadays, religion does more harm than good.

    Religion is supposed to help people deal with everyday things. Social situations, death, and pretty much everything else. However, just because something helps you does not mean that you have the right to tell others who do not believe what you do that they are wrong. For example, christians and gays. Gay people are born gay, and cannot change. Nothing you threaten them with will make them stop. Christians think that if they disrespect them enough, they will stop being gay. This is not what the actually think, but it is what they are doing. Since they are focused on making people "hear the voice of God," they forget what their religion is truly about. Again with christianity. Jesus would have never ever discriminated against somebody because of who they like, but modern christians do. When people take their religion for law, it creates more problems for the people around them then it fixes for them. Originally, religion was fine. It created good things such as art. Now, all it creates is problems.

  • No it isn't.

    I know religion provides comfort for people. The illusion that one doesn't actually die. However, a false belief isn't a beneficial belief in my opinion. Islam is a religion, does Islam benefit the world? Certainly doesn't appear to. Christianity is a religion. I don't see it benefiting the world. Religion keeps us ignorant. Religion prevents us from solving today's problem because religion keeps us from understanding the real world. Religion is perhaps our greatest mistake.

  • An unnecessary invention.

    Religion resists progress, breeds hatred and mistrust, and creates a meaningless dividing line for people to oppress, despise, or otherwise slaughter one another for fabricated reasons.

    While the religion itself is not always the direct cause, it's only purpose is to maintain a selective belief system that makes progress difficult and violent.

    I defend one's right to practice as they choose, but I wish for a world in which no one wanted to worship a deity, and we have one less reason to hate one another.

  • No not really

    Here are some good parts and some bad parts but I take the bad parts as an effect. Sometimes people can be violent about their religions. I don't just mean Islam. I mean ALL religions. Also, it causes homophobia. I believe the world should just be a secular place to live in.

  • No not really

    There are some good parts and some bad parts but I take the bad parts as an effect. Sometimes people can be violent about their religions. I don't just mean Islam. I mean ALL religions. Also, it causes homophobia. I believe the world should just be a secular place to live in.

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