• Of course it is.

    When you are not allowed to deviate from its doctrines, Or even question it, Its telling you that you must have the same way of thinking as it does else you are not its follower. In other words, If you follow a religion, It means your thoughts are controlled to be within the boundaries of its doctrines. Religion is probably the eldest form of mind control in this world.

  • Religion is a mind control

    It's doctrine the follower, for example you have to perfectly religious to get to heaven if not God will give you such of violent punishment that is very painful in hell. They control the follower using fear. And even there's a religion that can make the follower willing to die and kill others too and think they do that for their religion, that they will enter heaven after their dead and marry with virgins. And many other examples, so yes religion is a mind control. Religion should be the way of life to do things right accordingly but how many people kill and do sins in the name of religion.

  • Religious people are Moral Relativist.

    People claim that they are religious but they don't know the Objective difference between Right and Wrong. Take islam as an example, muslims believe "Taking property of others without their consent is a sin". At the same time they also believe it is moral to "sacrifice animal for Allah's consent" (they murder male goat, camel etc). And if you ask them "What is the difference between SAWAB (Right) and GUNAAH (Wrong)?". They almost say "Obeying Allah is Sawab and Disobeying Allah is Gunah".
    Obedience is not morality.
    Obedience means Doing what is told without judging for yourself whether the Action is a Right or Wrong.
    Morality means Doing what is Right regardless of what is being told.
    In short, Religion teaches Obedience and confuse it with Morality

  • Religion is control

    Take a look at Islam : Disbelievers will be punished severely, more than normal sinners , even more so , if they prevented others from the path Allah. And just look at how many rulers today have their power based on religion. Religious people will never question religion itself , thus frightened to question rulers who use religion to justify their rule

  • Yes it is.

    This mind control goes back all the way to beginning of slavery. Slave masters read the bible to their slaves. They alter the passages in order to make the slaves believe in what they say. Every day they would get a reading time where they are repeated the same things over and over again while being beaten. Those who would have a feeling in their gut and would voice their disbeliefs were killed and used as an example to the rest. In addition slaves, back in that time, were illiterate so they had no way to inform their selves.

  • There's no god and religion controls

    Religion does three things quite effectively: Divides people, Controls people, Deludes people.

    Children are born without religion, don't give them your nerosis.


  • Some people want to live forever, sadly not in this life but hopefully in the next.

    Religion promises them a new life after death! A kindly world of peace and pleasure with no sickness, woes and unpleasant happenings. Afterlife has been the wish of Rulers throughout history and religious leaders have found a way of controlling the masses, even kings by the use of superstition and the threat of the wrath of gods.

  • Yes it is.

    Many, but not all, religions are just a form of mind control. A lot of the times this control begins in children. It is very common in Christianity and is very subtle. It is done by telling people the same things over and over again. It is also done by not giving little children any other information than the religious beliefs.

  • To an extent

    For somebody to buy in all the way on a religion, they need to think how the religious texts of it think and obey what they say to do. So, in a way, it's an indirect form of mind control. That's likely not the reason for any religions origin (besides Scientology, if you want to count that as a legitimate one for some reason) but that is a result.

  • Religion is used to brainwash the weak minded

    Religion is often used to suppress free thinking and crush new ideas and innovation. It can be twisted to create justification for any idea and cast doubt on any counter argument. People who are weak- willed and weak-minded are easily swayed by the charismatic religion mongers and are lead off as new believers without much thought to the contrary.

  • Religion is not a form of mind control.

    Religion is not a form of mind control. Although religion is sometimes coercive, it does not actually brainwash people. Religions that brainwash people are called cults, and they are fundamentally different from legitimate religions. In all major religions, the element of free will is important. People must freely choose to believe.

  • Religion Not Mind Control

    Religious cults could easily be argued as mind control institutions. However, ordinary religions aren't a form of mind control by any means. Regular religions offer people hope and consolation throughout their lives, and we shouldn't penalize people for being a part of a religion. There's nothing wrong with religion today.

  • Religion is sooooooooooo important

    Children need religion to help make sense of the world. When religion is taken out of anything, the sense of morality toward human life is stolen. For example, when religion is taken out of school, they are just replacing one religion with another, as atheism is a religion in of itself.

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