• Yes, the language of religion is love.

    Most religious organizations base their teaching on love for humanity and love for oneself. This can be a very good highway of teaching the society the need to show love and care for the person next to you regardless of his color, nationality, gender or sex orientation. At the end of the day we were all created by on God.

  • I think religion is a good reason to act on discrimination but not the only reason

    Religion can be a good means of teaching morals and integrity. Abuse of religion is another issue, but in general, it can teach people how to be a better person. Religion and religious leaders should teach to not discriminate and be open. This isn't always the case, but we must always act in order to fight discrimination.

  • No, religion is not a reason to discriminate

    All religions should teach tolerance and acceptance of others. Religion is not a reason to exclude or discriminate. We all need to accept difference beliefs and allow respect for the various religions of the world. Religion is not a reason for violence or wars or discrimination so we need to be careful what we follow.

  • Religion is not a good reason to act on discrimination.

    While I am a christian I don't believe that I should discriminate other people because of what the bible says, while I don't agree with homosexuality, transgender, etc. I won't be prejudice because everybody has a choice if they want to be gay or if they want to change their appearance.

  • There aren't any humane reason to act discriminative

    Just because one believes in a certain god does not mean that one should be discriminative. Regardless of age, gender, race or disability, humans are humans and should be treated with respect and love. If someone is racist because of 'the bible says so' then that person is insinuating that the bible says to discriminate another person because of the their race which they have no control over.

  • No, religion is not a good reason to act on discrimination.

    To start, discrimination has been prevalent all through out history. Was and is it always for the right reason? Of course not, it is basically on the differences of religion, gender, sexuality, or race that lead this. It would basically add onto the discrimination that is already prevalent still today, and it is not even for the right reason. For, discrimination is a hypocritical move, seeing as if it is just the differences that one person has (whether it be gender, sexuality, race, religion, ect.), then we all should be discriminating and hating on each other for looking different? Wait, that's already happening with appearance as well.

  • No, religion is not a good reason to act on discrimination.

    No, religion is not a good reason to act on discrimination. For religious people to discriminate against others would be highly hypocritical since the adherents of many religions throughout history have been discriminated against. Religion should not act as an excuse to treat other people different, and the government should make sure this does not happen.

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