• And it meaningless

    Religion is imperfection. If humans were perfect there would be no need for religions, it certainly would not be the same with perfection of humans.

    Religion was invented to control people, it is a waste of time. It is ridiculous the amount of people that follow a religion. There is no need for it. You should not give in subscribing yourself to a monster because of the imperfections of others... You should let it be your enemy even if it existed... You know I am talking about the Abrahamic god here. Religion is a waste and it humans fault.

  • Id have to say yes

    The bible and other religions take extremely imperfect "gods" that are for slavery and for punishing children for their parents sins etc. and they make them believe that the god is perfect. So they will be extremely imperfect while thinking they are righteous. Because of religion evil usually thinks its doing good

  • It is, sort of

    Without religion you can have no standard of perfection. There can be no perfection or imperfection without religion. According to many religions people are imperfect, thus religion is a cause of imperfection. Not all religions have this standard, and not all that do believe that imperfection exists, but because the word "all" was not used, we can safely say this.

  • Definitely Is, Decisions based on Religion are most often Idiotic:

    People Indoctrinated into religion (brainwashed) make the most idiotic decisions, religious politicians usually make their worse decisions when they base them on their religious beliefs.
    It may be a source of Inspiration for some, but Inspiration into lunacy will only reap stupid decisions.
    Which History has demonstrated admirably when you consider all public decisions made by politicians and national leaders over the last 2000 years.
    Decisions based on rational considerations and clear thinking are mostly Good and Effective.
    Decisions based on religious beliefs alone are always Idiotic and Ineffective.
    Enter George Bush among many others.

  • No if it's a good religion.

    I think there are a lot of bad religions and history has proved it. The inquisition is an example. Forcing pagans to convert to Catholicism or else they were killed. Somehow we have an excellent guide that is perfect : The Bible. If religions really would have abide by, this would have made a big difference. Power and glory was always a reason for religion to become corrupt . Yes, the Bible is a book inspired from God. He inspired the 40 writers that lived at different times and none of what they wrote contradicts itself. This would be impossible if one mind had not been behind this. They were all like secretaries. So, is there a religion who really follows the Bible's laws and principles and sticks to it's teachings? I think so and believe me they are not popular. This world is so far away from proper morality that it will mock anyone believing what I just told you. Follow the crowd and you're sure to be loved and respected if that's what you want, but it doesn't mean you're on the right track.

  • It is the source of Inspiration

    For many people, devout belief is the source of inspiration from which power is drawn to achieve something. Yes, humans are imperfect. Religions are imperfect in some ways. However, you cannot argue that religion is the SOURCE of imperfection. It aids people in making decisions and on the contrary to the belief by some, it is the source of near-perfection in many aspects.

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