Is religion a sufficient moral justification?

Asked by: ladiesman
  • Without a doubt

    Religion provides the most justification to morality in that religion makes morality objective and renders authority to morality. Without morals being objective and grounded in authority, which may then become binding upon humans, there really is no reasonable argument for moral justification.

    Therefore, religion has to be a sufficient moral justification.

  • Everybody's Got Their Fix

    Let me begin by saying that I'm an atheist. I get my moral justification from personal world views and societal issues because that's what works for me. Other people, however, want/need a higher source of moral reasoning, and there's nothing wrong with that. I think that using religion to justify slavery and homophobia is wrong, but atheists like myself also have made questionable moral decisions before without the help of religion. Saying that all religion-based moral decision is incorrect is incredibly unfair. Morals are morals, some are good and some are bad, no matter which authority they come from.

  • Yes it is

    How else do we get to know what is right and what is wrong, it isn't up to each person subjectively, it is something we know inherently, each action also causes a reaction and good actions cause good effect whilst a bad action causes a bad effect, So I believe Morals come from God and are a way to help guide us to better things.

  • Fear for Good

    This would be voted by people who are not new to the world ,who can read and write well and may be who can understand science.
    Let me start by saying am a antagonist i would not say religion is a must for the human race to exist but the fact is human race is not something that came out of nowhere yesterday it evolved from nothing to so called everything,may be somebody would say became almighty.The religions taught the people what is wrong and what is right .Religious books are written about some costumes to follow and about moralities as GOD's word and people fear God and were refrained from doing immoral things.Its time to be rational and understand the morals and filter out what is to be followed and what is not to be ..

  • It is with deeper understanding

    Religion is what many would say is a platform for people to voice there frustration/hatred or political agenda to get what they want. You see it used by people to twist reality and brainwash people to get what they want. It would be impossible to fully go into this here but I would encourage everyone to read James chapter 1 for a starting point.

  • Secularism has equal claim to Morality/Ethics:

    Morality in humans existed before Religion pretended to be the source of it. Morality evolved with intelligence and language, as languages became more complex and abstract, so did our social concepts and Morality. As even in Godless societies, morality is pretty much the same if not better than God fearing societies. Because they have a more realistic basis for their Morality.
    Morality is part of human survival, by groups functioning together as a large family, humans helped each other to boost the chances of survival in a hostile world full of dangers and predators. Though even now it helps to work together as if a town or city is a large family.
    Morality is a product of human Evolution, not Religion.
    Religions only make a fallacious claim for morality, if you take the history of Christianity in the last 1500 years, they lack morality. Godless societies demonstrated better morality.

  • From the bible?

    If morality came from the bible, then that would mean the only thing stopping you from killing, raping, and stealing would be the lines of text in it. If so, then it is quite worrying.
    Furthermore, lots of immoral things are stated by religion. Including saying that slavery is ok, the discrimination against homosexuals and women.

  • If you consider

    If you consider stoning those who have been raped moral, or stoning gays. Then yes sure take the bible for what its worth and apply the morals in it to every day life; you are now a mass murderer. Religions cause nothing but evil and feud between people burn the books.

  • Of course not.

    Religions have been know to have concepts and practices that are obviously immoral. Slavery, human mutilation, and all kinds of killing are all justified by religious scriptures. Over the years, people have committed these immoral acts and deemed them moral because their religion says it is okay. Clearly, we can not use religion alone as moral justification.

    Funny thing about biblical religions. On the one hand, they give a good example good morals "Thou shalt not kill." Clearly, this says killing is wrong. Then later it contradicts the moral by not only justifying killing a person who has killed but for killing a person of other beliefs "Thou shalt not suffer a witch to live."

  • Not at all.

    Thinking like this is what leads to Jihads and Crusades.

    Religion is a construct of man, and uses morality constructed by men. It has no value outside of what humans assign to it.

    Religion has been used as moral justification for more war and death than any other justification that has ever existed.

    It is not and never has been sufficient. It's just a methodology of control.

  • Religion is capable of causing harm.

    Religion is not a solid base for protesting against gay marriage, abortion, transgender people, masturbation, or one of the other numerous issues that the Catholic church has problems with. Religion tends to be way archaic and outdated, and people also take it much too literally, leaving themselves close-minded. Therefore, it is not sufficient.

  • Divine Command Theory is terrible:

    Religions are great for many things in human society but ethics is not one of them. Religious ethos tend to be slightly pliable due to not being current; for instance issues like pornography are never discussed in many older religions and are interpreted as this or that but aren't universal in interpretation. Even things like masturbation are under fire and not universally agreed upon.

  • Religions are contradictory

    They are full of virtues we no longer have. As people change their gods change and we are past due for a new god. Jesus said he would be with us until the new age. I think its funny how people call other peoples religions mythology but have the galls to say theirs is truth. Yea zues didnt throw lightning bolts interfering with human life but jesus and the talking snake in the garden yea that happened. Lol some have used the bible to justify slavery and other forms of hatred. Still to this day it is used to justify the hatred for those who dont believe.

  • Good without God

    In situations where a person might be anti-abortion, anti-gay, etc. and you use religion as a basis, that's not good enough. There has to be enough said for or against a given action to declare it moral or immoral, independently of whether it's commanded or prohibited by authority. We don't base morality on revelation from authority.

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