Is Religion and religious arguments too prominent in debates on Debate.Org?

Asked by: Crisisification
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  • No, it is better to talk about it then not at all

    In my opinion, it is important that we speak about topics then not ta all. As long as not hatred to centered toward a person or group it is a vital part of public speech. Anyone with firm beliefs should welcome people who debate them (not just religious ones) as it is a chance to strengthen you arguments when hearing (hopefully) intelligent and respectful counter arguments. Debating is a center of democracy and for progress public debating is necessary. If you feel that you are targeted because of beliefs then it is different but if it is because you cannot think of a reason to support your beliefs or values then it might be time to reconsider, not necessarily change them but do research to learn both sides of the arguments as there is always. Then we can make a truly informed decision.

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