• It is about teaching both.

    Almost no Christian parents teach their children: 'believe what they want to believe, but this is what we believe'. That should be how it is taught to children. I remember in 8th grade when I told my friend I was an atheist, she asked me what that was. If you do not tell your children about other beliefs, then I consider it brainwashing. My mother is a Christian and my dad, agnostic. They did not brainwash me, and I grew up to be atheist, being exposed to all sorts of religions. I am lucky, though, considering that I live in the Bible Belt and there are few like my parents.

  • Young children believe what they are told.

    When you tell a child something is blue, they believe it is blue. If you tell them Santa Claus comes down the chimney to leave presents, they believe in him, or the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy. Eventually they may learn that Blue may also be called bleu, or azul, or maybe it is actually light blue or navy. Eventually, they discover that the mythic figures of childhood are not real. But grown people keep up this persistent concept that there must be someone bigger out there to blame for their problems and to ask for help from. The specific deity has changed over the centuries, but the tradition of minimizing the actual responsibility and efficacy of humans gets passed on to succeeding generations. Those who fail to question the rationale and evidence behind religious instruction are in danger of actually believing in an invisible superpower, and of perpetuating that fallacious belief.

  • Sometimes

    Religion as a whole? Not necessarily. However there are many types of religious parents, most notably the clinically insane young earth creationists and the ever cursed hell preachers, who most definitely qualify as brainwashing their children, and being very damaging to society as a whole as well, I might add. How many children in America still believe that the universe began after the domestication of dogs? I made my point.

  • When it can

    A major tool by (some, not all) religious people is to tell children what they believe before they're able to determine that on their own. My kid can grow up to believe whatever it is he wants, but it's going to be his decision and anybody from any religion trying to turn him before he's old enough to question things is going to have a problem.

  • Without a question

    Religion indoctrinates children to accept its teachings without giving any critical thought. Telling children to worship a supernatural deity or face eternal punishment is considered abuse. Children by nature are easily susceptible to any information given and trying to instill bronze age myths into a childs head without providing any sufficient evidence to back it up is brainwashing.

  • Without a question

    Religion indoctrinates children to accept its teachings without giving any critical thought. Telling children to worship a supernatural deity or face eternal punishment is considered abuse. Children by nature are easily susceptible to any information given and trying to instill bronze age myths into a childs head without providing any sufficient evidence to back it up is brainwashing.

  • Yes, religion does brainwash children.

    I was raised in a Christian family, they were unbelievable brainwashed and ignorant, they would trash atheists, anyone with a different religion and homosexuals. It was amazing how ignorant they were, my sister who's only 2 years younger than me turned out to be a religious fanatic by the age of 15, She would spend the whole afternoon reading the bible instead of enjoying life. Luckily I've always questioned myself about things, so when I was still a Christian I started reading the bible and thought WTF? Seriously? How can anyone believe that? So I became an atheist at the age of 13, no regrets, I've never actually believed in the bible I used to say to people I was a Christian, but I never took religion seriously.

  • Yes Christians brainwash children in lots of families!

    I grew up in a Christian family and church. My mother brainwashed me so much that I was afraid to even doubt God. She told me I would go to hell. She is a strong believer. I now moved to an entirely different state to attend college and I will not be moving back because I do not want my mother to realize I am not a Christian and that I will never again attend church on Sundays. I never want my mother to think I'm going to hell, so I will never share my knowledge with her because she will never understand and was a believer for so long. I have taken a lot of science classes and studied different religions around the world. I am a highly analytical person that doesn't believe in just anything but needs to see Proof. I want to know the reality and true nature of everything and look for concrete facks. And this is the reason I became a nonchristian. I can go on and on stating everything wrong with the bible but I won't. I just think people should do their research and parents should allow children to explore all religions and science. Children should be educated and at the same time learn to be a good person at heart and not because they think they will go to hell!

  • A Vicious Cycle

    There is no free choice as a child, if our parents are Christian then children grow up believing Christianity is salvation and all other religions and gods worshipped are fake. The same goes with the Muslim faith and all the others around the world. Its not until children are grown up that they can make an educated decision about which if any religion is for them. Personally its all a bunch of nonsense, I am atheist and proud to be free of the mind controlling grip of these money making corporations

  • Religious Brainwashing? Hell yes.

    If I told you a 'cult' was taking young children, scaring them by telling them a monster will burn them alive unless they follow my weird book of teachings, and their parents already do what I say - and I keep it up for years, they wouldn't even KNOW they were brain washed and you would call it brainwashing. They have no manner or ability to think for themselves at young ages. Oh, the only difference between a 'cult" and popular religious 'churches" is the number of people that join them.

  • No! No! And no!

    Ever heard of spreading God's word? If you atheists think you're so right, then why are you still trying to prove us wrong? STOP CRITICIZING SOMETHING THAT'S BEEN AROUND FOR SO LONG! Religion is not brainwashing. Brainwashing is forcing someone to do or believe something. People don't force their kids to do this. THEY ENCOURAGE THEM!

  • Religion does NOT brainwash a person

    The definition of brainwashing is to: "make (someone) adopt radically different beliefs by using systematic and often forcible pressure." Some religions, sadly, do use fear and intimidation to get people to believe certain things. (Also, in the "non-religion" of atheism.) Brainwashing is present in every religion because of sinful human nature. It is the PERSON who brainwashes, not the religion itself. A true Christian will not use fear and intimidation to teach and spread the love of God and the gospel and good news of Jesus. Everything we do, teach and are is because of our love for our Savior. As a parent, my job is to teach my children to be decent, moral human beings -- and Christianity encompasses all of that. How is THAT brainwashing?

  • No, parents have a right to train children in religion.

    No, religion is not brainwashing children, because, within limits, parents have the right to choose religion for their children. The vast majority of world religions have messages of peace and helping other people. There is nothing wrong with learning these lessons. Unless a religion is abusive, there is nothing wrong with teaching children to believe. Children are also taught to believe in Santa and the Tooth Fairy. Religion is no different.

  • You can't force someone to believe.

    Teaching a child to be part of a religion does not automatically ensure that the child will adhere to that religion. Children of highly religious parents may become atheists, and conversely, children of atheists may become religious. It's not as though they are being forced to believe something for their entire lives. They will eventually enter the world, realize that other people have different opinions, and can decide what they believe as a result. Also, I don't think the term "brainwashing" can be accurately used in this sense. After all, if a religion (or even multiple religions) turns out to be correct, then was it really brainwashing? No. Those children who were taught that religion were taught the truth. But if that child acted outside the norm or was very zealous about their religion, it may have seemed like brainwashing at the time. There's no way to prove it.

  • Religion doesn't brainwash people. People brainwash people.

    Whether people brainwash children depends on what you mean by "brainwashing." If you just mean "causing people to believe things without proving it to them," then yes. But it isn't just religious ideas that parents foist on their children. It's also moral things, and factual things. In fact, education would be well nigh impossible if we didn't teach people at least some things without proving them. You can't prove everything because that leads to an infinite regress.

  • No, you can't brainwash someone with the truth

    Religion, being the faith in, worship of, and search for God, is the search of truth. Religion doesn't brainwash children; misinformed people do that. Teaching children religion isn't brainwashing someone anymore then telling them truth is brainwashing. I hope this was a rhetorical question. I would ask if atheism is brainwashing children.

  • How is it brainwashing?

    I know there is this super strong anti-religious view that anything religious is poison but for what it is worth it is not brainwashing. This idea that kids are told believe this or burn in hell and don't question anything is just not the experience of many that attend mainstream churches.

    Yes there are religious people that could be described as ignorant and there are also non-religious people that are ignorant and have this very misinformed stereotypical view of religion.

    If it helps there are priests and parishioners disagreeing with one another, questioning mainstream Christian ideas, Christian apologetics trying {albeit not that successfully} at making academic arguments for different beliefs. Liberal Christians throughout the world. Priests that don't believe in the devil. Conservative Catholic cardinals that don't believe there are that many people in hell, let alone hoards of people that refuse to follow the faith.

    I would not say someone who feeds their children only meat and does not even broach the topic of vegetarianism at the dinner table is part of some conspiracy to brainwash kids at the bequest of the overloads of the meat industry.

    I would not say someone who has a strong political belief is brain washing his kid because the only newspaper in the house is a right-wing or left wing one. I think using the term brainwashing is just a little bit over the top.

  • Religion Doesn't, The People Do!

    Now religion is a belief of the mind, nothing more, you may believe what you want and what you don't want, but no one can really control you. Religion is an idea, a type of control used to help people get organized, but religion itself does not brainwash the children. It is actually the parents who brainwash the children, they are the ones who tell the children thoughts that then would be implanted into their head when they were little. That, in turn, would make them think that is right no matter what happens.

  • Of course not!

    The purpose of religion is to teach morals via parables. For example, in the Bible of the Christian Religion, the story of the Forgiving Father. In the story, the son had spent all of his money on useless stuff, and he had no home, no food, and no money. He went back home, where his Father celebrated his return and forgave his son about what his son had done. The moral of the story is that if someone is truly sorry, it is right to forgive them. No religion, in any way, brainwashes children.

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