Is religion doing more bad (yes) or good (no) for American society?

  • Health and welfare, freedom of the individual, and scientific research.

    The idea of eradicating religion, as nice as it sounds to me and would sound to the religious if we all agreed on one religion, is immoral as we all have the right as Americans, and as humans to believe, or not believe in what we wish. However, the eradication of religion in the government is justified by the health and welfare of our citizens not being serviced to it's fullest extent. The religious ideals have greatly reduced the advancements of stem cell research. As far as freedom goes, the separation if church and state has been thrown out the door for homosexuals to get married and be treated with equal opportunity. The religion in government has pushed against important scientific research, such as finding a fix for global warming that has been proven time and time again through the use of the same scientific process that is used to create the new technology that we see today, along with research into our own origins as a species of this planet and universe.

  • Bad because of its uncompromising values.

    The major religion in the U.S. has become too extreme and the actually organization itself feels its above reproach and on a moral high ground. This religion which is based on forgiveness and love thy neighbor is far from thier actions of HATE WHAT IS DIFFERENT. Because the religion and its people have acted immorally but still try to stand on their untouchable moral high ground it causes a situation that hurts their values. These people then think that morally they can not compromise on any of there values and worst, they feel they are "RIGHT" all the time. These people hold back the progress of the country any way they can because they feel its threatens their moral values that aren't so moral. And the kicker is these religious people feel they are better then others because of their values and look down on others while its them with the invisible man complex, denying scientific facts, and discriminating when there religion "moral code" says not too..

  • It is doing more bad.

    It really depends on the religion, but in general, yes it is doing more bad for the American society. This is because their is a lot of hatred that comes from certain religious groups. They alone pretty much make up for any good that is done by other groups. Religion can be very abusive.

  • Factioned Christain Churches Create A Mess

    I believe the amount of fracturing the Christian churches, along with a wide variety of other religions in the country has led to wide and varied reasons why people support certain topics. I think this fracturing has made it more difficult for people to identify majority views in the United States so debates rage on year, after year. There are too many specific and varied ideas and I think the church upholds these standards in the community and then often doesn't allow people to have an open mind on some things. I believe this is the antithesis of religion itself, but often the religious communities are ran by people who often have their best interests in mind, instead of humanities as a whole.

  • Religion is preventing the type of compromise necessary for the United States to move forward.

    Because religion is very black and white in nature, those who are religious tend to see issues as all or nothing. They are very unwilling to compromise when it comes to negotiating and creating policies that benefit the majority. This extremely parochial view of the world is detrimental to the good of American society.

  • Religion is good for Society

    I think religion is a key part of our society and I think the lack of keeping religion and faith into our society is causing our downfall. Many people have lost the sight of faith and religion. Our values and morals I believe have been degraded. We are seeing more violent and sickening acts committed.

  • Religion is stereotyped by the media.

    The reason why religion is so hated upon is because of the media and stereotypes. For example, take Christianity. Atheists tend to hate upon this religion because they fail to look at any other religion besides it. Not all Christians are against homosexuality. There are many different types of the religion, too (Catholic, Mormon, Baptist, Lutheran). The media has also stereotyped Muslims and Islamics as terrorists. The media loves to make stupid assumptions. I think that religion is good for society, but I'm not saying that I think that everyone should practice a religion. If it wasn't so stereotyped by the media, it wouldn't be so hated.

  • Christianity is not the hateful thing it is made out to be because hate goes against the religion.

    1. People don't like Christians because they are "hateful" which is impossible because that would go against the religion making them not Christians.
    2. Evolution is a THEORY, and not PROVEN because scientists sadly don't have time machines, just carbon dating and lots of other science.
    3. There is no compromise, its either right or wrong.
    4. All they freaking want to do is save you from an eternity of physical torture... That is why they "shove there religion down your throat" they have every reason to believe its a life or death situation.
    5. I understand what an extremist is, but all they do is go and repeatedly go over why and that they should do good things and be good people... But being a good person is bad I guess.

  • Religions are innocuous.

    For centuries people have tried to blame different institutions and races for causing evil and corruption in the world.

    However it's the individual people themselves that are corrupt and not the ideology, politics, or religions they associate with that make them corrupt.

    I guarantee you, even without God, the people would still have found excellent reasons to kill each other, wage war, and destroy each other. It's not the religions, but the people themselves.

  • Moderate religion is good for society

    Religion provides structure and a belief system to rely upon in times of stress. Faith is a source of strength for many people. We live in stressful economic and social times. As long as religion doesn't foster hatred or a sense or entitlement or superiority, it can be a good thing.

  • Religion is doing more good for the American society.

    Religion is doing more good for the American society. It helps anybody when they have a strong belief system and so having a faith you can believe in. Religion helps everybody at some point in their life from losing focus on the meaning of life and trying to understand that.

  • People need religion

    Although religion is abused and misunderstood in the United States, and around the world, people really do need it in order to gain perspective of the world around them. Religion teaches that you are not alone in the world and you should be considerate of those around you. Religion is good for American society.

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