• Yes and i'm so happy!!!!!

    Slowly but SURLY, religion will be EXTINCT! THERE IS NO GOD!!!! People need to GROW UP!!!!!! It is sad that SO MANY still believe in FAIRY TALES!!! Although not ALL religions are bad, just get rid of the evil cults like the Westboro Baptist Church, Polygamy, etc. The world would be so much better WITHOUT religion in general!!!!!

  • It is on its way out.

    With a growing numnber of atheists and a dwindling number of devouts, religion looks like it is going away fast. It could be completely dead within a few hundred years.

    With all the overwhelming evidence for evolution, round Earth, and a heliocentric model, it is hard to believe anyone would still believe in God. He blesses your Thanksgiving dinner, yet he doesn't do a thing about Africans.

  • Evolution, shall eventually take in its stride religion

    We cannot be prisoners of tradition, we have to invent new traditions, or let's say move on. To clarify: religion ending, does not mean people stop believing or having faith, here I mean, the idea of being a Christian, Muslim or a Hindu won't exist. While this may seem a little idealistic, but yes, we know it, that with globalization, in the 21st century there is not much room for religion or time for practicing or preaching. Religion is slowly fading away, and one day it will.

  • Religion, Including Secular Humanism, Is not ending soon.

    Religion is not ending any time soon, even though it is false. And by religion, I am including Secular Humanism as well. People like to have delusions, because otherwise there would be nothing to live for. If we all acknowledged the truth, life would be pointless and boring for most people.

  • Religion Will Remain

    Religion has been around for all of recorded civilized human history. Every society that has ever been studied throughout human history has practiced some form of religion. People will never stop searching for answers to life's mysteries. Accordingly, human beings will not turn from religion any time soon, if they ever will at all.

  • Religion was here long before science and it'll be here long after it's gone!

    Religion has always existed, people need it. As the Bible says on the Virgin Mary: Every generation shall call her blessed. It's passed though families and are apart of communities. It only seems like there is more Atheist then there really are. People usual quit religion in they're teens and come back later in life.

  • It will never end!

    Some religious people may change with the times, some may not as observant as their families were and some people may become more religious so religion is not coming to an end any time soon.

    Most people will hang onto religion because they need that faith to get themselves through things, they need something to believe in.

  • Unfortunately, not "soon"

    I think it's human nature to want to believe in certain things like the afterlife. So it's quite plausible that there will always be religion, even if at a point of extreme minority. In poorer countries with less access to information, the demise of religion would definitely take even longer. So if by "soon" we take to mean in the next century or two, then I don't think so. On a larger timescale, then it becomes really hard to say either way.

  • No it won't

    The vast majority of the worlds population follow some type of religion in the year 2013. Religion is a part of us, it has always been in our society and in our lives. It will always be around as long as humans are around.

    The thing that will change will be the way in which religion is delivered. The age of the church has ended. It is now a new time and people will seek spirituality in new ways.

  • Most major Religions are actually growing

    Contrary to popular belief, Most religions like Catholicism and Islam actually have unprecedented numerical strength around the world today and have over 2 Billion followers between them alone, many of whom are devout fundamentalists.They are also both growing at a steady and healthy rate that is much larger than the net population growth rate of the world.So it is unlikely that religion will end anytime in the foreseeable future.

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