• YES ,religion only solution for the peace of the world.

    We everybody wants good things and peace of the world but peace cannot attained without adhering the teaching of true religion.The teaching of the Quran with which no culture or political system can compete,as an example ,one verse of the Quran presented here,-

    "Verily, Allah enjoins justice, and doing good to others ,and giving to kith and kin,and forbid indecency , evil and transgression ."-chap-16, verse no-90..If the admonitions, in the above verse are heeded ,every country and nations would know nothing but peace and goodness.Allah exerts us to-

    1] Abide by justice,
    2] be benevolent
    3]show compassion to others
    4] refrain from and admonish others to refrain from such vices as can be harmful and known as blatant evil.
    5] not transgress against beneficent ,in other words ,we should be just .Beneficent and compassionate. We should avoid indecency ,blatant evil, and transgression and should save others from falling prey to the evil.These are the basic commandments for the ultimate goodness and peace of the world.If these were put into practice than word can rid of all kid of disorder .

  • Religion is AWESOME

    Religion is really good, because it helps people to fight depression, stress, and also teaches people how to be wise, positive and successful to everyday lives. It also unites people, and gives people tools to distance themselves from the negatives, and also makes people see the good in them. Without God, there is no hope.

  • Religion Is Good

    Religion is good for the world because even if people share different religious views, those religious views help people keep their morals in tact and will help them lead a life of doing more good than bad. In addition, even if religion causes conflict in some parts of the world, it typically does more good than bad.

  • Religion, could't imagine a world without it.

    Religion is good for the world. Religion can give hope, peace, a sense of something bigger than we are. Religion can bind and unite us like no other system on the face of the earth. However, religion can become fanatical, causing people to do foolish things when they loose a sense of basic right and wrong in the name of their religion. On that same note, it is human nature that brings the worst out religion not the foundations of religion itself. A world without religion, a world without something to look forward to, is a world I would not want to be a part of.

  • Religion yes, but God not so much.

    I honestly believe so. My parents are both Christian and although I wouldn't consider myself to be, I admire the work of the church. Atheists tend to not fully understand the majority of the work that churches do. The weekly donations that are collected at church, some goes to maintenance of the church, and the rest goes to charity. My dad has been flown out to Belarus on several occasions by our church to help children who are suffering there and they have set up programs where Russian children come and stay with families for a chance to relax and enjoy British culture. My dad has been out there for months at a time repairing and building hospitals and promoting goodwill and friendship to the people there. I must point out that my dad has not been the best of people in his life. He used to smoke a lot and at school would skip class and go to the pub and he really isn't what you would call a typical Christian man. However, when it comes to religion and its moral teachings, he abides by them and they have given him what I would call a higher moral standing than he did before he worked with the church. Although the idea of God is something very controversial and something I would never adamantly say is true, the effects that modern day religion have (especially in a Christian sense and I'm well aware that other religions work with charities a lot as well) are very positive and selfless. I strongly agree with the effects of religion, not so much with the idea of a God.

  • Yes, Always,

    Religions teach you to be good and disiplined humans and keeps the society safe, secure and clean. People shall follow it with fullest love and faith, once you have these basic qualities in you, you would start seeing the good/best of it. So to feel its goodness and blessings, you have to have an inner desire and hunger for the religion. Eventually the rest of the required things would fall in place for you.. Good luck..

  • Religion is controversial

    Religion is good for peoples health, mind, and soul. Without it people would be less righteous, kind and generous like god has taught us to be. Religion is up to interpretation- you can choose to believe and act upon it, or choose to ignore it. There are benefits and negatives either way, but mankind has never lived without religion, so how could we have no religion at all?

  • Religion Makes the World Keep Spinning

    Religion is the basis of morals that in turn are the basis of many laws. The charity of religion helps people in need and keep them alive. Religion explains the creation of the universe and humans in a way that makes sense, rather than the fallback answer of "chance" when it's a 1:10^400 (for reference, there's an estimated 10^80 atoms in the universe) chance of one living cell creating itself, not to mention living more than a few seconds and reproducing. Most religions encourage humans to be better persons and help others. So yes, religion is good for people.

  • Religion is great

    Religion is a need for society teaching good morals to everyone. Giving even the saddest of people a purpose in life. Shunning the bad and rewarding the good religion is an important part of the world at this age. Though some may argue that it leads to wars it also leads to helping from donations churches collect to community service from religious events. These are some reasons that religion is a must have.

  • I believe that religion is a good thing, but to a certain extent.

    I believe that religion is a good thing because it gives people something to believe in when something cannot be explained. Also it helps unite people together to create good (for the most part) and to spread a positive message about love and happiness. Now onto the other side of the debate there have been many bad things caused over religion and beliefs. Now you have probably heard of some religious extremist groups for instance , KKK, Al Qaeda,ISIS, these are some of the many more extremist groups out there. Many people give Muslims (many other people from ethnicity, religion, and LGBQ’s groups, but Muslims popped into my head first about religion discrimination) a bad rep because of the group Al Qaeda that terrorized America. And I find that very sad that many people in America would be so closed minded and assume that just because that group are terrorist that the rest of the Muslim population would be too,

  • Religion is harmful and obsolete

    Religion was fine when you didn't have science to explain things. It was fine when people didn't travel very far and no conflicts could be caused from differing beliefs. Now however, it causes far too many conflicts. It doesn't explain things anymore, because science can explain everything far more logically. You shouldn't need religion (ten commandments) to tell you murder is wrong.

  • Religion is bad but having spirituality is good.

    Religion has had a negative impact on society for hundreds of years, causing conflicts and wars. I believe that religion is taught with man made beliefs and brainwashes individuals making them feel guilty and afraid of displeasing their "God". Religious institutions revolve around power and $. At the end of the day religion is a business filled with scumbags who will say whatever one wants to hear to make money. On a different note spirituality is very therapeutic and helps individuals set moral standards for themselves without a controlling institution getting in the way. It helps addicts become clean and brings hope into people's lives :)

  • Yes, Religion is Good for the World

    Yes, religion is good for the world as long as it is kept in its proper place. Religion is a good thing because most major religions teach people the basic tenets of right and wrong and the whole "do unto others" concept, which is golden. However, when people use their religious views to try to discriminate against others or to make them conform to their beliefs, religion becomes a weapon and it is not good for the world.

  • Religion is like fire

    Religion is good if use it correctly. Like fire, religion can create peace and happiness. If left alone though, or if used in the wrong hands, religion can destroy and kill. In addition, one must always keep religion in check, for if they don't religion would destroy the user in a blink of a eye.

  • Religeon is a weakness in modern society.

    Unlike science religion is open to interpretation, people think they can do anything because they believe they are backed up by their deity. This causes a lot of conflict, such as : The Crusades, Most Terrorism, Most Wars. I mean come on they are fighting for something we can't prove to exist! Yes if people stick to what their religion actually says instead of taking it a step to far it would be great. And the worst thing is they don't know that they are wrong because thats what they believe.

  • Religion is dangerous

    Religion is much like fire. If used correctly it can do tremendous things. If used incorrectly it can cause damage to thousands if not millions. Look at it today. Why are we so scared about terrorists? Is it because their from a different country? Is it because they're different from us? No, the answer is simply because they have a different faith then us.

  • Religion creates a too big of a divide

    No one is better than anyone else. No one should fear being persecuted for their beliefs or lack of beliefs. If there was no religion, not only would everyone be putting time and effort into REAL issues, but they'd also be a lot less quick to judge others. Religion creates a division that isn't healthy.

  • Religion is rooted in primative insanity

    Almost all harm in my life has been laid upon me by self rightous religious inspired actions, motivations, and biases.

    I really wish there was a hell because thats where the overwhelming vast majority of self-rightous close minded dogmatic primative people should end up.

    The supider you are the more religion makes sense.

    The more you want to impose your will on others, limiting their freedom, the more religion makes sense.

    If you feel powerless and fearful and want the universe to make sense then religion makes sense to you.

  • The world will change

    Ok so people do get forfillment from religion, this is true. But thats because its ingrained and brainwashed into them from an early age. Becomeing a vital part of there personality so yes it can actually be healthy for a brainwashed person. But if a person wasnt brainwashed and indoctrined into it they would prosper even more as there mind will always be open and not closed. Always striving to become better and not told there just part of some lame plan that has never been proven and will have every chance to make something for them selves in life far greater than a closed minded person would have.Not to mention everything else negative that religion has caused and will cause . We could all rely on evidence and not indoctrination at an early stage of life and we would all be better of for it.

  • This isn't an issue we can give a definitive answer to.

    Religion isn't intrinsically good or bad; it depends more on the people that use it and those that interpret it. There are certainly some pros for those adhering to religion today- a sense of community, apparent guidance- but evidently cons as well. Extremists, religious crusades, divisions, and that's just to name a few. Some religions have very little I can fault- Buddhism, for example, is thankfully nowhere near as bloodthirsty and divisive as Christianity- but regrettably, it seems the negativity is becoming all the more apparent.

    Please, think about some of the things that some religions may permit that others can deem immoral or peculiar. I'm referring to things like arranged marriages here, but this can also mean minor things like priests not being allowed to have children. Why aren't priests allowed? So that their life savings go to the church. Why were women to blame for 'the Fall' in Genesis? Because men wrote the Bible.

    If you're a religious believer, then please don't just throw your theological quotes back at me. You're human beings- you can do better than get all your viewpoints and ideas from your faith. You have brains- use them. Question your faith. Find the flaws in it, because there must be something. I'm not asking you to give up your faith and become atheists- I don't associate with a religion, but that doesn't mean I don't believe in something greater out there. But you should at least see the way religion is changing your minds to accept what it teaches without question, and fight against this so you yourself can decide what you think is right or wrong.

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whitegoat says2015-01-13T20:57:57.040
Is science good for the world? Yes.

They are equally good, as they are of the same concept. They both tries to come up with an explanation of the world we live in.

What did create you? Nothing? What is nothing? We know it isn't something, therefore not bound by our rules. It is outside time, therefore it is infinite. It is outside space, so its invisible. It is what you came from, so it creates you. It creates every reality and everything, therefore being infinite. It is infinity and God.

Our creator are just as real as anything else.

Read more about scientific evidence for God here: