• Religion is dogma.

    Religion is a memetic phenomenon. The reason such outdated modes of thought still exist today is because of their viral memetic properties, which directly undermine critical thinking (causing "faith") and the scientific method in susceptible humans.

    Religion can be a coping strategy for people with the desire for an extra purpose in life. But the matter of the fact is this: religion - at least the Christian religion - causes people to act irrationally.

    An excellent example of this is the story of Jesus. According to the Bible, God tortured his own son so that he himself could forgive us for extremely minor sins (along with sins that our ancestors did, through original sin), which otherwise would apparently require us to spend an eternity in Hell (which itself is vaguely defined and controversial among Christians). Only people brainwashed by dogma, such as Christianity, would believe that this is perfectly fair and just. Many more examples can be found in the Bible.

    The human mind is not a sound mind. It has not evolved for maximum logical sense - rather, it has evolved for maximum survival. Natural selection, as a phenomenon, does not care for humans with more intelligence, past a certain extent. This is unfortunate, but true.

    To everyone that has been brainwashed by this viral, religious dogma: Please, for the sake of humanity, snap out of it. I know people may have been too scared of offending you to point this out in the past, but religion is nonsense. The faster you let go of it and set yourself free of this mental prison, the better.

  • No, reasons are following.

    It may seem like that religions did bad things, e.g. the Crusades. But the principle of religions are good, and no actual religion encourage atrocity. These people who start wars or oppress against people in the name of a religion do not represent the religion, hence the religion itself is not responsible. It is the people who are responsible.

  • The answer should be obvious

    Religion is most harmfull, as are ideologies, and forced multicultural politics. What good has religion done in the past 2000 years? People reverted to believing the Earth is flat, and every year people are murdered, slaughtered, for not following rules to the letter, that was meant for the soldiers of a Middle East warlord, not modern day society.
    Religion or ideology, is limiting humanity's evolution, the conflicts created due to differences in belief or opinion, is a big obstacle. Instead of focusing on our differences (and making all more racist, either direct or indirect), we should instead seek to understand how the universe works, and working towards that goal.
    Not throwing stones at a dude, because he'd rather have intercourse with a man than a woman. I mean, that's just barbaric!

  • Religion is outdated

    Religion was born out of man's desire to find explanations for things they could not explain (like weather, natural disasters, illnesses, etc.). Now that we are more advanced and know what causes natural disasters and illnesses, religion no longer serves its original function and is now simply holding humanity back. As George Carlin says, it doesn't make sense when: “Tell people there's an invisible man in the sky who created the universe, and the vast majority will believe you. Tell them the paint is wet, and they have to touch it to be sure.”

  • Religion is the opiate of the masses quote from Karl Marx

    Religion usually comes with a lot of negative publicity like the Pedo priest scandal in the vatican so much for these so called men of god and no religion too is in the song imagine by john Lennon you should all listen to it you may learn something useful hopefully

  • The fringe ones.

    For the most part, religions have learned to tolerate each other. It tends to be only the ones with extreme views that cause an issue like the Muslim extremists. Clearly you can't claim that ISIS (a religious group) is not harmful to modern day society. Not that they are alone. There were and are Christian extremest groups as well.

  • Do not buy into stereotypes and localized history problems

    There exists an abundance of evidence that atheism is responsible for most errors of morality, wars, human casualties, and deaths. Religions on the other hand are responsible for higher mental health, greater overall satisfaction, and less crime across the board. This has been backed up by countless NCBI and secular studies. Starting a poll to call other biased atheists to your rescue imply a serious lack of reasoning capability.

  • Judeo-Christian culture was the basis of libertarian societies

    The uniquely Judeo-Christian beliefs that men are endowed- by their Creator- with certain unalienable rights, that one cannot truly worship God unless he/she is truly free to do so, and that all are equal- and were
    made equal- in God's eyes led to the creation of secular Western liberal democracies that recognized Human Rights, Women's Rights, Gay Rights, minority Civil Rights, rule of law, religious freedom, free speech, free press, free petition, and free assembly, among many things.

  • Yeesh. Let's go at this from a completely unbiased perspective.

    For some people, religion is life. For others, it is taboo. The definition of religion is as follows. "the belief in and worship of a superhuman controlling power, especially a personal God or gods." (Dictionary.Com, Merriam-Webster) Religion is obviously essential in the early stages of intelligent life, as almost all the early civilizations developed one. It is true that studies suggest that religion is often a big factor in the development of a society, the reason being that people are completely focused on their religion and getting ready for the next life. Another reason is that people are too afraid to express new ideas for fear of being rejected or even punished (as in the case of Giordano Bruno, burned at the stake for expressing modern cosmological theories). Richer, more developed countries have a higher count of atheists, as you may see if you look into it. The only exception, in this case, is America. I know, I know. *Gasp*. That stupid place?! I can't believe I live there! Put aside your negative feelings for the US. I live there too ; <). The majority of the US seems to be Christian ( A staggering 70.6%). The reason being the American God welcomes earthly improvements, leading people to be more successful in their nation's growth. So, I say everyone should follow the US's example (one of the many good things about America that we ignore in our haste to tweet to our friends how stupid America is). Religion can still be productive as long as you realize it wants you to be. RESOLVED.

  • The non-existence of religion is harmful to modern day society

    Although many bad things are attributed to the existence of religion, for example the crusades or terrorism, no religion teaches its followers to start wars or oppress people, and those who do are not true followers of their religions. Furthermore, without religion, morals and values will be based on the beliefs of individuals within society. This is dangerous because there is no basis for any set of morals/values created by an individual - everybody has differing opinions and viewpoints of the world, which may be good but can also be evil or uninformed.

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