• It’s good yea

    The religion is not an argument to say what you do to you and that is what i was an example to be an honor that we have a twitter name that you can do to help us and to convince you that you have a great 👍 and that you are able to make an offer.

  • Depends on what "religion" is to you

    This depends on what the word "religion" means to you. Following some rituals? Going to a church service? Singing hymns? These, by themselves, aren't important. But if by "religion" you mean "knowing God" - the Creator - then yes, it is important. There is a difference between doing religious rituals and knowing God.

  • Choice is important

    Religion is important for the sole reason that it allows people to believe in what makes them happy. Everyone may not be wealthy or have a place to stay but they can control what they choose to base their life and morals on. With out religion the human population would probably look at gorvernment for moral up-building and that would be even scarier.

  • What is the point of religion?

    Religion is just useless and no one really needs it. Many religions have a god, and to me, the god you are thinking of is just a weird imaginary thing in your mind. Oh, if you're saying there is god, who created god. And god won't just magically appear. But if you tell me, oh ... Created god. Then I would ask you who created ... . If you tell me, then I'll just continue asking the same thing forever. Praying and worshiping, nah, what a waste of time. No point in doing that. Maybe you told me that you prayed to your god, your prayer came true, I would say, it's just a coincidence. Praying=talking to nothing. Well if god is so miraculous, I personally think that there should be miracles happening all around this world, which I don't see happening! FYI I don't believe in GOD... Honestly, why can't you just believe in yourself, and do what you can?!

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