• Religion is very important in nearly every relationship

    Our religion is one of the building blocks that structure our outlook of the world. It is our belief. People of different religion can fall in love but they will have a lot of arguments and problems because they simply do not believe in the same thing. They can get along in the start but eventually they will reach a breaking point, especially if they don't like each others religions.

  • A family that prays together, satys together

    Religion in a fully commited relationship is well off significant because thats one less argument and/or burden to carry. Also that will help your children in choosing what religion they will have. For instance my mom is a christian and my dad is a muslim,for almost my entire life I was a christian until I start going around my dad more and realized that his religion made more sense and had more logic. Thats when I finally started practicing the islamic beliefs

  • Getting past the honeymoon stage

    Falling in love is easy. Falling in love with people of other religions is possible. But when it comes down to the hardships of a marriage, you need to have the same core beliefs. Even couples of the same religions argue and fight over their beliefs and trials they go through. If a couple's ideology isn't the same then the marriage will be extra difficult. Not impossible, but very difficult. People should think long and hard about if they will be able to still love each other, even when life kicks them in the face.

  • Having the same stance is important

    I'm not going to say that you have to be a certain religion in order to have a happy relationship, but if the two people in the relationship have differing opinions on what religion to raise a family in or what standards to set for themselves and possible future family, that's where the problems come in. Whether or not you believe in God, it's important to find a significant other who shares your views, so you can avoid that conflict in the future, when your children are watching.

  • Religion is what will guide you to holiness

    I know a couple that have different beliefs and that just does not work. I am Catholic and I think that God has to be my number one priority and I think that my partner who I want to spend the rest of my life with has to know how I feel and what a better way than him feeling the same and that way we can share our belief to our children the same. Also we can go to church and enjoy the presence of God as a family like he wants us to.

  • Religion is a value building thing, not just something that people believe.

    Members of one religion could value privacy and another publicity. How would two partners get along when they have completely different morals. For example, going back to the private/public value, how would a couple pick whether to go out to eat or stay in and cook? How long until they decide? Do they argue? Are there different morals about arguing with your partner? These are the things about religion that matter.

  • Well you can't just press your opinions on each other!

    Religion is something that couples need to either see eye to eye on, or they need to agree to disagree because if not, they fight over which one's right or wrong. My former partner formed his own opinion of God, and I had as well. After a few weeks of the relationships, we began to disagree, and we fought physically as well. The moral of the story is that, yes, religion is a MAJOR deciding factor of whether or not you can develop a relationship with someone.

  • Basis of our morals

    Religion for most people, and for the most part underpins morals and values. If these underlying principles or morals and values are different, it can definitely create tension over time. In my experience it creates a gap and doesn't allow one to feel connected of there are major differences in values.

  • It can create a significant amount of conflict if both people aren't willing to be open minded.

    I have dated several people that are either atheist, agnostic or just not practicing. I will admit in my earlier relationships I wasn't as open-minded as I should have been about their beliefs but as I got older I was more open-minded about accepting people for who they were and their beliefs. Unfortunately not everyone will ever get to that point. My fiance was originally open to letting me do my own thing with the church. I thought it was great because we could separate it, but eventually it starts to clash. Considering there is a wedding ceremony, children, family etc.... The list goes on. It's not impossible to keep it separate but very very difficult. Its hard to be involved and still keep your individual belief without some sacrifice.

  • It's ultimately about your upbringing.

    Most religious beliefs are not separate from an individual's lifestyle. On the contrary, they dictate it! Therefore, conforming to a lifestyle in which a person has no foundation is detrimental to the relationship as a whole. It can often be the difference between how you dress or what you eat to how you raise your children.

  • Relationship is based on individual.

    I don't think that religion should be important in relationship, it probably would've matter before. Relationship is made based on two people's attraction for each other as individual. Religion is a person's belief and more like their tradition. Relationship is matter of concern and care for each other. Therefore religion should not matter in relationship.

  • Trust and love are more important.

    There's no doubt that religion may bring certain people together who share similar beliefs, however, is the opposite any worse? My girlfriend is Catholic (even though she doesn't share any of the teachings behind it) and I'm atheist. Sure we disagree, but to me, that's what helps keep a relationship alive and thriving. So to me there are much bigger things in a relationship that matter more than theistic philosophies.

  • Religion is not important in a relationship.

    Everyone in the world has their own beliefs. This makes people unsure of what is real and what isn't. Some religions even tie into one another using some of the same characters and beliefs. Noticing this means that either you or your significant other could be right. With no one knowing the real truth, then there is no point of arguing over who's right or wrong about religious beliefs.

  • Religion is just another belief.

    In a relationship, no matter how similar the partners are, there will be unshared beliefs. These beliefs can be small, like where a person likes to eat, or what kinds of books they like to read. They can also be more important, like what religion they want to practice (if any). In the end, what really matters is that the two partners respect each other whatever their beliefs may be.

  • It's really not

    I have been married for 5 years and dated my wife for 4 years prior. She has always been atheist, while I don't follow the main religions, I do practice Hermeticism and other rituals that I fully believe in. She is 100% supportive and we never have arguments about it. We don't even have disagreements about it and the worst she has ever said about it was "It's interesting but it's not for me".

    When you are in a loving relationship, both parties should be caring and accepting of WHO YOU ARE. Who cares if your not the same religion, political party (which we aren't the same there either), or anything that is so subjective. Love each other on how the other person makes you feel, not what religion they follow

  • No,the religion you practice doesn't matter at all

    I think that religion in general is about what you believe and what makes you feel at peace.We all can choose the way through we can be at peace.I respect everyone no matter what religion he/she has,because it's his/her choice not mine.Why would it bother me?It is not my life,we have the freedom to chose.We can't say that a religion is wrong or right,because religion is about our thinking.Love doesn't have anything in common with religion.If you love someone does religion really matter?You can't chose with who you fall in love,but you can choose your religion.Love is unexpected and something natural and religion is a choice.

  • Religion doesn't matter, Love is Love

    Religious believes shouldn't pressure us into marrying someone we don't love. If we really loved someone it wouldn't matter what their religious believes were.
    If you were really in love you would agree to disagree because yes religion may be a huge part of your and your partners life. But you both love each other and Love goes further than any religion.

    Love conquers all

  • No i say no

    Why? Let me ask you this. We want to bring the world together in peace. So why differ because of the religion. If we want to make the world better and bring people together shouldn't we allow mixed marriages where a Muslim can marry a Christian r any other religion. God told us to love one another so why cant we love another religion?

  • Having same faith is not required for good relationship although most religious people believe it is!

    I can speak from experience in that although the argument that having the same faith and beliefs will make the relationship initially easier is true it is by far not the most important thing in maintaining a healthy relationship! Two people have to care about each other, show concern for feelings, be supportive in career or education and life, have similar goals and or entertainment likes, have good chemistry and be physically attracted to each other. Those things are long term and will matter more when the chips are down not who you pray too! A religious fanatic can marry another religious fanatic or religious person but if one likes to travel and the other doesn't that may end the union! I think religion has pros for society morally but is holding us back in terms of social progression and natural relationships. I once met the perfect woman for me except she was overly religious it was sad because we had all of the above and for me it wasn't that she was religious per say I go to church as well! But like I told her my issue is that you actually make your REAL life decisions based off religious beliefs and that to me is a no no as it will only serve to hold you back in life in my opinion and you will not make the best or solid financial, career or relationship decisions if you live by a code and not by free will and logical reasoning! But that is just my opinion and i am sure many will disagree!

  • Supporting to each partener's religion can get happiness for both

    When marry different culture persons,we need to support each other.Even if we r in different religion,trust,love,understanding,supporting to each's religion is more important than to have same religion.
    Instead of disagree different perceptive of each,we should be accept good points of each religion.If we can negotiate to each other not by disagreeing each view,we can get good relationship or marriage.

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