• A dogmatic religion is.

    I can't think of a single religion that is not dogmatic, so I will equate them as such. Morals are subjective, so having a moral system that stays the same and claims to be objective, sets moral progression backwards. Evidence for this being wrong can be found if you take a look that the most and least religious countries. There is a negative correlation between peace, and religiosity. For example, I really hope people aren't getting there morals from the bible, because time has shown for slavery to be bad and thus subjectively immoral for today's' society.

  • Cannot be a moral system otherwise

    It would be impossible to have a scale with which to discern yet as a whole be expected to vie for a position within. Although I'm Atheist many Christians i've seen would argue being morally right as well as wrong would be impossible if not for their religion. If no claim of a moral scale, it's not immoral. If religion conveys how to be a moral, then it must demonstrate what is not, thus birthing the very thing.

  • Religion cannot be immoral.

    • Religion provides us with the laws and the moral that atheists, theists and agnostics all abide by. Though some interpret the bible or Qur’an (or any other holy book or scroll) in potentially damaging ways, majority of people in society choose to interpret religious teachings in Ways that benefit all. I resent the idea that religion hinders moral and scientific progression as I see no reason why we cannot all have the two side by side. If were to say that every moral was subjective how would we ever decide what is really true, it would be impossible to explain to someone else why a specific action was right or wrong.

  • No it's a good thing for most

    Religion is not morally wrong, who is to judge what is right or wrong with someones belief systems as long as they are peaceful towards others ?

    We need more tolerance of what other folks want to believe, it's not for us to judge if someone is right or wrong.

    It's fair better to show though your actions that you are good fill in the blank type person by treating others with love and respect.

  • No religion is not morally wrong

    In and of itself religion is NOT the problem. How it is used is. There is nothing wrong with someone choosing to hold a personal belief (keyword: PERSONAL) about God or about the universe, that's fine, but when you use that belief to in a way that judge others that don't share or live according to it, THAT is what is morally wrong. So no religion is not the problem, is the shoving it down people's throats, be it kids or adults alike expecting them to comply with it and being outcast if they do not, that is.

  • Religion is a source--perhaps flawed--of morality

    Religion is not inherently morally wrong. It is so pervasive throughout humankind that it would be absurd to insinuate that it has a strong and corrupting power. It does, however, grant influence over the moral positions that individuals choose to take, for better or for worse. Great advancements in human ethics have been made in large part due to religion, as well as great setbacks.

  • No, religion itself is not morally wrong

    I don't feel that religion itself is morally wrong. On the contrary, the majority of religions advocate peace, kindness and love for others. However, religion is sometimes viewed as the catalyst for heinous acts, such as genocide, persecution and the cause for some wars and skirmishes. While religion itself is not morally wrong, sometimes the actions of the deeply religious are.

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