• For many of the past, Present, And future, Yes.

    The reason I say yes is without religion, We wouldn't have had the Holocaust, The Crusades, And the Reformation from Martin Luther and the 95 theses for the Church. For the sake of our history, Religion has shaped society and its buildup. Without it we wouldn't have churches, Preachers trying to save the world of hunger, And we would have more attempts of depression and sadness. If people want to believe of something higher up, Be it aliens or even their gods, Let them. It's what keeps them trucking through the day and gives them hope and faith in what they think is right. There is no political side of religion; it is purely for the quality of life a person wishes to have. Yes, There bad sides to religion, But it has shaped the whole world and has set empires and conquerors alike. It has completely revolutionized the world and its shape today.

    Religion is very necessary, And there is no real opposition to say it hasn't had a huge effect on the whole planet.

  • We need hope.

    We need to have hope that something is out there and something/someone will come and save us someday. I know that the hope of a God being out there and giving you a purpose has saved a lot of lives. I have heard stories. If we didn't have a religion no one would believe they have a purpose. Religion makes us feel like we will become someone who will help others became someone, They will help someone else become someone and so on.

  • The Case for Religion

    When looking at both arguments I must say that religion is necessary because people must worship something. That isn't opinion, But fact. Human beings seek to be a part of something greater than themselves, And this is a common trait amongst people. Religion, And by extension God or Gods, Are needed as a direction. Rather than having people worship other causes- like money, Pleasure, And power (all of which are support for the self).

    By claiming religion isn't necessary, Because "its a choice" one simply is choosing to not select a side. Thus, They are choosing to ignore any debate between sides. In other words, They are emotivists.
    Also the corruption of organized religion does not necessarily mean religion isn't necessary, It just means don't support the corruption of religion authorities.

    In summary: Religion is necessary because it grounds an individuals life. People who are atheist or agnostic, Who don't support religion may find meaning in their own life, But it will be harder for them to be grounded in a moral standard, Or worse are at risk of descending into nihilism or emotivist philosophy.

  • For others, Yes.

    If you listen to what many theists say, They state emphatically that religion is the moral fiber that holds society together. That, Without religion, Morality is no more. People will feel free to rape, Rob and kill others at will. This sounds to me like if their religion ceases to exist, They may lead a life of crime, That it's only their religion that prevents that. Thing is, If you look at the beliefs of convicts compared to the nation, It may not be surprising that their percentages are approximately the same, But the percentage of atheists/agnostics behind bars is about 1/10th that of the percent of the nations population. To me, It already sounds like religious people are more prone to crime so you can imagine what it would be like if they lost their moral compass.

  • No not at all

    I mean this is the cause of shootings, Wars, Cruelty, And what makes people demand superiority makes more a stereo types and all that stuff causes misleading and misunderstandings, So nope no no nope no not rlly but its rlly all the persons choice just saying they can choose but be prepared to be molested raped humiliated of beat up because of it

  • No, Religion isn't necessary.

    I'm an Atheist so I don't think religion is necessary. It's just a belief system, It's not really beneficial to a person or society itself.

    Religion is kind of stupid and pointless in my opinion, It's just a bunch of fairy-tales. .

    But hey, To each their own I guess? People can believe in and do whatever the fuck they want as long as they aren't hurting people in the process.

  • No, It Is Simply Unnecessary

    Religion is by no means a necessity, Or a must. Religion is a belief that may or may not be incorrect. Faith and hope are important, Yes, But no faith and hope in another being out there are going to make the world better. If this faith and hope could be put into humanity, In order to better our societies and make living on Earth enjoyable again, Then believing in an all-loving God (as is the case for Abrahamic Religions such as Christianity) would be useless.

  • Its a choice

    Religion isn't something that is necessary. If someone believes in something, Thats fine, If someone doesnt, That is also fine. By forcing people to believe in something you take away their freedom. You take away your individuality, You take away their beliefs and choices. Religion should be completely optional and not forced.

  • Religion May Be Pleasant, But Not Necessary

    For many, Religion is positive and comforting. However, It is by no means a necessity. Societies that try to enforce mandatory religion by it being “necessary” are some of the most tyrannical and problematic in the world. Even outside of this, The idea that religion is necessary shames atheists, Agnostics, And the unaffiliated for having their own beliefs. If we can accept the idea as a society that there are many different religions, We should be able to accept that a lack of religion is just as valid, If not more.

  • Necessary? No. Helpful? Absolutely.

    I am a religious person. What religion isn't important. But my beliefs guide me forward and give me guidelines. These aren't necessary for a society to function, No, But religion does help in many ways. So, No, It is not NECESSARY. Any who say it is necessary are too reliant. Any god/dess that would support you if you will not even support yourself is a detriment to you.

  • Nope. Not at all.

    Necessary for what? I fully acknowledge that religion can produce good in multiple ways. But I would challenge anyone to give an example of a good that is produced from religion that cannot be achieved by secular means. I do not think it can be done. Not only would I argue that the same good that comes from religion can be achieved without it but the alternative methods would be superior. If this is true then that would rinder religion not necessary for producing those goods. But if we are not talking about anything being produced that is good that is necessary from religion that I don't know what it would be argued that religion is necessary for.

  • Religion isn't our sole moral pillar

    Religion shouldn't be your sole reason not ot go out on the streets and commit crime. And if it is, You need to get a therapist because the suffering of others should be reason enough not to commit crimes. If it isn't then, Like I said, You are most likely a psychopath if it is so easy to consider murder.

  • Religion is Corrupt

    In recent days we have seen religion be an excuse for horrific crimes and also people use religion to justify enslavement, And ect. Why should one's belief in a supposed god be an excuse for people infecting those around them with easily preventable diseases? Thank you for listening to my TED talk.

  • Not necessary, But it is helpful!

    Jeez, Never thought I'd be writing this! I do believe religion can be helpful, And that's coming from an atheist. However, I don't believe it's needed for people to function in everyday life. I am fully aware that in can help people though. I know people enjoy the idea of having somewhere to go after passing, They enjoy thinking that it's not just. . . Death. I know they feel good having someone always watching over them, And helping them every step of the way, But I don't think it's needed. . . Religion, While it has the power to pull us together, It also has the power to pull us apart. It has started wars and such, Awful things that should have never happened.

    However, That's not always the case. I think that it can help some people feel better about certain things, But it's certainly not required to function. I mean, Look at me! I don't believe in it, And I turned out fine!

    You can believe in whatever you want though, As long as it's not hurting anyone OwO"

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ladiesman says2018-11-16T04:16:46.487
Is this question asking if religion is necessary for individuals or society as a whole? I would say no on a personal level. Religion is for some individuals, But not everyone.

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