• Not 'religion' but RELATIONSHIP

    I do not see my relationship with God through Jesus Christ a 'religion'
    It is NOT a set of rules to follow or else - it is a relationship, a living relationship with the One who made the Universe, the Earth, and all of us...We only have subjective morality in society because of mans refusal to come to Christ to be saved - no one wants the results of sin, but are all happy to participate in it - but a relationship with God is absolutely necessary to live the right way.....

  • Yes - there can only be morality with religion

    Nietzsche's argument that "god is dead" has been highly misinterpreted. He meant the moment humans turned away from god there was no longer a moral framework or context for good and evil. Everything becomes a subjective, unsubstantiated opinion. The teachings of Christ provide a moral framework that we can use to objectively measure the morality of our thoughts and actions. Without this framework the most we can grasp at is a form of moral relativism where each individual deems what is moral or immoral based on their personal views at a particular time.

  • Well not exactly an organized religion, But some basis beyond just a social construct.

    An example would be murder. At the societal level it makes sense that not murdering (or being murdered) is a good thing and thus can be explained as a social construct. When one breaks that down to the level of the individual is where it unravels. If one could commit murder and know 100% that there is no negative consequence to them but only positive then without some sort of supreme being that gave them the rule of morality it makes no sense to not commit that murder. If morality is only a man-made thing then there is no reason to place someone else's opinion on murder (that it is wrong) above that fact it may hold zero negative consequences for you and only positive. Likewise, "purpose" is effected if there is no supreme being of some sort. If your creation was only a evolutionary accident then there can be no purpose to your life beyond just making yourself happy day to day.

  • Yes. REligion has something to do with what we call 'moral'

    Religion has been deeply rooted in our lives from the beginning. Even if you have no religion, you know that for example, catholics believe that killing is morally wrong....You with no religion would most likely believe that killing is immoral. Religion can obviously affect even those who say they don't need it.

    Religion is also related to our emotions. As Bertrard Russell said in "The Emotional Factor" Humans in time of need like to believe in some divine being up there who loves and cares for us. If we feel loved and cared for, we would not do anything to harm others and we most likely wouldn't do any immoral acts. Take note though that 'Morality' differs from culture to culture. Religion just clears it all up.
    Even if you save our society is what teaches us morality...Religion has affected out present society in one way or another. Our children and our childrens' children would still be affected by this even if in the future religion is no more.

  • I never needed it and I turned out fine.

    The majority of my family believe in the "creator", but I found it to be unnecessary. I don't have time to talk or think about something that may or may not exist. So i just stopped, simple as that. My behavior never changed. I think I felt better to after that for some reason.

  • Bunch of crazy people

    If the only thing stopping you from going out and killing people is because some invisible man in the sky says so then perhaps you're to fucked up for society in the first place.

    You see we who do not have a religion don't need some spooky invisible man to tell us what we should and shouldn't do, we simply know it and as a result have morals.

    Oh and if you think religion has such great morals then here are some nice christian morals for you:

    - a rape victim must marry her rapist
    - woman are not allowed to exert power over men
    - you may have slaves from foreign countries
    - praying to other gods is illegal and met with the death penalty
    - mixing of races is not allowed

    I mean honestly, what kind of shitty morals are these? If this is the best morals god can offer then my grandmother can do a better job then him

  • People can be good without it

    Don't get me wrong, I'm not anti-religion. But whether you're a good or bad person is unaffected by your religion. There are many religious people I met who are good and many I met who were bad, the same goes for atheism. Religion is a factor that doesn't effect other things. Though some people may use religion as an excuse to do good or bad things.

  • All you have to do is to do right

    You do not need religion to do right. Common sense and the concept of not doing to others what you would not like done to you is more that enough. Religion always come down to a sense of us vs them, and of course us are always better than them, so you can treat them badly and immorally. As a matter of fact religion, in too many ways, leads to immorality. Inquisition, Crusades, treatment of American natives by the European governments.

  • God has nothing to do with it

    Secular societies have morals, albeit ones that differ from religious societies. Morals are formed by people, not divine beings. The moral code of religions such as Christianity reflect the location and time period of the life of Jesus. The moral values discussed in the Bible were already established before Jesus was alive. Christian societies and cultures would later use the bible in forming their moral code. This does not mean that God created the moral values. The people chose to use moral values from the Bible in their society or culture. People who do not believe in God or have a religion can still have morals because people, not gods, create them.

  • Religion and Morality are not the same

    Morality is doing what is right no matter what people say, Religion is doing what people say no matter if it is right. Senseless violence, countless wars, ungrounded hate are just some of the many negatives religion has caused. On the other hand, countries like Singapore have low crime rates and a generally pleasant society, and Singapore is a very secular society.

  • It's just personal.

    Morals are subjective and personal. Any moral can have exceptions and be changed to fit certain needs or desires. Religions merely have opinions on morality justified by superstitions. One could argue that morals come from ethical systems and they would still be wrong because some individual(s) still had to come up with what is moral and what is immoral.

  • All morality is based on consequences

    As an empathetic social animal, I will the good of those around me. I understand that all things being equal, pleasure is better than pain, life is better than death, health is better than illness. Morality is objective because you can objectively assess the consequences of your actions and tell how they tend towards pleasure, life, health etc rather than the opposite.

  • No it is not needed

    The murder rate in Japan is one of the lowest in the world. That is not because everyone is Buddhist. In fact, most Japanese are not followers. Norway has very low rates of prisoners re-offending and that is not because there are more religious people there than America. It is because of specific policies. So religion is not needed to make people moral and stop people committing bad acts.

  • Morality is an ancient sociological method of survival not unique to humanity.

    Every religion has extracted its own moral basis from previously established paradigm. Humans survive far better as a group, to the naysayers who tout 'moral relativism', every religion is relative morally to the culture which it was deveoped, the clash of these ideas are often the spark of conflict. The human standard of morality has truly been aldulterated by religion, if anything. Compare the atrocities of mankind towards itself and the earth, via religious and/or political motivations, to that of the animal kingdom and ask yourself who holds the higher moral standard, and who is less religious?
    To merely state that religion is required for morality is an argument of semantics, not logic. A logical argument proves that the opposite is true; there are 2.5 billion non-religious people on Earth, can a strong argument be made to suggest these individuals are immoral?
    Religion continues its campaign to trademark morality, when in fact it is plagiarizing.

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