• It is, but you don't have to be a religious person to be moral.

    Most of what religion does is tell you "don't do this, don't do that." If religion did not exist at all, then what makes incest immoral? Who in the heck has the right to tell you to not sleep with your mother? Animals do it, so why not humans? Religion made the rules that you and I follow on a daily basis. Imagine taking twin children and putting one in a normal environment and another in an environment where he does not have to follow any rules, he only has to follow his own idea of right and wrong. I can assure you that the second twin will not be even close to our idea of a moral being. Animals don't have religion, so they are allowed to kill each other. Whether you like it or not, by submitting yourself to rules, you are implicitly following a part of some kind of religion.

  • your own morals cannot be considered perfect

    So in actual fact, its not possible to be considered moral without a definition of morality. This is where religion comes in handy, I don't say that its absolutely necessary in order to have personal morals, but to provide a universal code of ethics, its the best thing we have. What I consider moral might be immoral for other people, which is why we need a set definition.

  • Not necessary .

    We are born with morals, and you don't need some sort of religious text to tell you what is right and what is wrong. Atheists make up only less than 1% of the people in prison right now, so you don't need to have a religion to be a good person.

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  • Religion is not needed.

    Religion always reminds me of the carrot-and-stick method, named for dangling a carrot (reward) in front of a horses face to coax it and to beat it with a stick (punishment) if it stops. Religion is really just a way to enforce behavior on people who don't really need it. If you grow up in any kind of healthy or stable environment, morality will become instinct.
    Most of us all also have an instinctual respect for other humans that our brain constantly reminds us of if we break it. While negative influences can make these thoughts less prominent to a person, positive or neutral influences will keep it intact. I've been a self-proclaimed atheist since I was 7 and the worst thing I've ever done to somebody is probably shout at them for something or, when I was really young, hit them. Many atheists (although I'm sure there are some ill or badly influenced ones who aren't) have an internal moral compass that comes from their conscience.
    And if every person who claims to belong to a major religious group actually read their holy book for what it is and followed its moral advice word-for-word, most would be in prison for stoning people or raping someone. So, in a lot of cases, religion can actually be the cause of the loss of morality.

  • No you don't

    Without religion you can be as moral as you want or as bad as you want. It is up to you.

    You do not need a book to be moral. You can have your own morals without being asked to killing people for example like in the Abrahamic religions. If you choice you can be moral without religion.

  • Certainly not in

    Fact I have found bible thumpers and religious types to be the most intolerant of the lot.
    It's all a pile of nonsense really most them just say they believe because there part of the club.
    Regards being more moral nonsense , in the last year three so called pillars of the religious community tried to screw me in business, par for the course I would say.

  • Religion helps us to define morality, however people have managed to be moral for thousands of years without any structured form of religion.

    If you were to look back over the centuries you would see that the level of immoral acts of mankind as a whole were far lower in comparison to those of current, religion has caused many wars and genocides thought the world and to say that it is a good source of morals can be seen as a joke in reality.

  • It's all about ideology.

    In some countries, like mine, being or becoming a religious person is a matter of external push-up by government. In such kinds of countries religion is kind of tied to politics and as politics plays a vital role in the lives of the laymen, the have to choose to be religious people to make a living and not to be rejected by the system. Religion does start to pale down in such systems as the new generations come to the stage, for regardless of their fathers and grandfathers and great-grandfathers and who could have come to choose to be religious, the new generations find religion as a sort of instrumental hing to help certain group of people reach their goals via the governmental channels.

  • Religion is not necessary to be a moral person.

    Many people wrongly believe that religion is directly tied to a person's morality. This false belief is often the cause behind religious wars and confrontations between different religious groups. A person's morality is decided by their nature and their actions. There are plenty of immoral people who still consider themselves religious.

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