• Without Religion We Will Lack Moral Principles

    It is of my own personal opinion that without religion we will lack moral principles and standards. A majority of the principles we live by were essentially founded on the basis of religion and now that atheism is becoming more and more popular to me it seems as though things that were once out of question thoughts are now being speculated. Abortion is becoming more and more accepted. The concept of birth control, which will never be religiously accepted is of course allowing greater toleration of sex as a simple norm to life. Children feel less consequence in life and thus experiment with more drugs and sexually more often.

    Now I am not trying to describe any religion as the perfection for all moral grounds. Obviously religion is very capable of being abused i.G. Hitler and Islamic Extremists. However these are extremes. In once society we find people oppressed and in another one we find them free beyond an ability for them to even comprehend self-discipline towards morals and self-respect.

  • Just Look At No

    The no side has some proof of the ignorance that mankind has bestowed upon itself. Science to date can not explain everything. Those preaching that it can say it condescendingly and with little to no humility and then proceed to say that religion has brought up disagreements and chaos when their opinion is more on the attack rather than defense. Something interesting, in the United States atheism is also protected such as a religion.

  • Without religion the world will have no form of moral

    Three famous nations have removed religion from their daily life, one of these nations existed for just a decade, the second one was able to survive for nearly a century but completely ruined the future of their people and the other is the the second-largest economy in the world but openly oppresses and censors its citizens and destroys all sense of freedom. If you haven't guessed which countries these are, here's another clue, two were communist and one was socialist. They are the Nazi Germany, Soviet Union and the PR's of China. Yes religion has it's weaknesses and disadvantages, but when atheism leads to these kind of nations and ideologies, maybe religion is the lesser of two evils.

  • Yes .Religion is necessary to modern life

    Religion is very important in life whether now or latter. It is the psychologist who maintain the mental health. There is no need of Psychologist if religion is followed properly. Presently because of material life, human is running behind money to full fill his desires not want. Because of loneliness,and other factor he fall into lots of mental illness which he get remedy from psychologist . With religion ,no need to worry. No mental illness.

  • Yes it is

    Yes of course religion is the most important thing today.Today the entire world is engrossed in the never ending race of achieving more and more fame,money and power.In this mad rush although man has made remarkable materialistic progress but his spiritual self has disintegrated and diminished.Man is not a machine.He has a soul,conscience,shades of emotions,ego etc. Which cannot be satisfied with bags of dollars.It needs spiritual nurturing which can be expected only from our religion from where flows the river which can satisfy the thirst of our seeking conscience...

  • Religion should be a personal choice

    Thousands of years ago religion was seen as the only way necessary for life. Nowadays I believe it should be a personal choice for what you believe in. I am Jewish and I believe in what I believe. I may have conflicting beliefs to my fellow Atheists but is there anything wrong with that? Do I have to be an atheist as well to get along with them? No. Being in a religion/belief in God/Not believing should be a personal decision, and as humans we should learn to have common ground with people for who they are, and not just because they believe in something you might not agree with.
    Respect is the big thing. We need to respect each others beliefs, whether you believe in God's creation of the world in 6 days, or if you believe in the Big Bang - it really doesn't matter. We can talk about our beliefs to other people, but not to press them on others. As long as you are happy with your life whether you believe in religion or not it really doesn't matter.

  • A mob of conflict is the default without the bible.

    Society will fall without biblical principles. They are the cornerstones of western civilisaction. These rules bring about order in a default that is chaos. Man without rules is a mob led by fear. Without clear leadership everything is to be contested. This leads to war and destruction. Man must follow duties not their desires.

  • Original rule book

    Many laws (U.S.A) have been formed from the original 10 commandments. Such as -do not kill
    -do not steal
    -do not commit adultery (apparently O.K in today's society...) Not all religion causes war. Although some do. Look at Isis and al shabaab. The world view I am defending is Christianity. We keep to ourselves (not all but many) we don't interfere with you. We just want to worship Christ. Have a nice day.

  • Yes. Absolutely. Read on.

    1. Without religion there is no fundamental basis for moral principles. Human life is no different than animal life, life in general has no objective value, and there is nothing to make anything "right" or "wrong" apart from our subjective opinions.

    2. If we simply enter the void after death, with no accountability to any kind of deity, there is no reason for people not to do terrible things and then kill themselves. I would suggest you read "Can Man Live Without God?" by Ravi Zacharias. With no eternity and no accountability, (and also no heaven or hell, which is what I am implying), man can get away with whatever he wants.

    3. Utilitarianism brings about terrible things. Hitlers. Forced abortions. Equating newborns as less valuable than pigs. Killing elderly people. The list goes on.

  • Religion isn't needed for the modern world.

    We live in a sophisticated society were we are able to explain all the creations. Religion causes chaos and wars, without religion we would've had more utopias instead of dystopias. Think about it, ask yourselves is religion effective. Why does Paris Hilton own so much money, while children in Africa starve and die from aids.

  • Religion: The main cause of conflict in modern societies.

    Arguing the opposing sides point (since there's not really much point in regurgitating "religion is bad" terms), morals are not the sole province of religion. How is this possible? It is possible because through mutual respect and understanding, morals are created. This is done through empathy. For example, people want to live. Or at least most people do. So killing, is thus bad. Why? Because society/the human mind does not want to be killed. Thus, through a simple, general desire, morals are determined. Or at least laws to make sure that no killing is done.

    Your second point about nazi germany, the soviet union, and the PR of China I do not know enough about to counter, nor am I willing to do the research at this time. Apologies for that. However, your last sentence: "When atheism leads to these kinds of ideologies"... How is religion better? Religion has been around for over 2000 years. Yet compared to the past 200 years, religion appears to be extraordinarily incompetent in advancing the human race. In the past 200 years, computers, electricity, cars, plastic, and other wonders of modern society were invented. Yet for 2000 (or 1800) years, religion was unable to develop such marvels, and only managed to reuse the same text over and over again and call it "spiritual"? Such blatant waste of time is not only folly, but a crime against the human race. We only have this one, short life. Why waste it bowing to potential gods when you could help humanity survive? So no, religion is not necessary to the modern world.

    A not so humble person.

  • Overtranslated ideas from Flat-Earth Thinkers are not worth it

    Moreover, in current practice, these old ideas are not helping the real problems we face.
    MOREover, in perfect practice they, still, would not fix the problems that we face.

    There is nothing good that is going to happen to me if I give up all my possessions and beg an/ or find a man and do what ever he tells me to do and for me to have as many babies as possible while praying all day.

    What I need to do is to teach people to exercise and sleep and eat well to be healthy.
    That is NO where in any religious teaching!
    I need to help spay/neuter feral cats and clean up after myself and not filth up the water I hope to drink

  • It is obsolete

    Religion is pointless. Religion originally originated to explain things ancient people didn't understand. Now that we have so much scientific knowledge, It is truly pointless to have religion. Religion is a barrier that prevents our society from functioning as well as it could. Instead of wasting time in church, people can be studying science or learning physics. Religion is obsolete and pointless.

  • I worship God, not religion.

    I say no. As long as you have God in your life, you will be okay. Just love and serve God. God matters, not what religious label you use. Abraham was not a Christian, but he was saved by grace through faith. I do accept the Bible though, but not someone's opinion of it.

  • No it isn't

    Lets see, what does religion do to benifit the world today! Oh, nothing. It causes disagreements, gets in the way of politics, causes controversy, and is not beneficial to anything. Yes it may help the people who belive in it but in general it doesn't do anything good for our world today. Back in the 11th century it may have done good but not now.

  • Religions are not needed, but the morals are!

    First of all, "Religion" is too general of a term. We could group up Satanism, Scientology and Christianity as religions yet each ideology has their own extremely unique ideas.

    The purpose of most mainstream religions (Christianity, Islam, Buddhism) are to bring ethics and morals into our society. The only things we should take from the Bible and the Quran are 6 of it's 10 Commandments and the Confirmation. Both religions agree (In English translation) that: thou shall honor thy mother and father, shall not steal, shall not lie or give false testimony, shall not kill, shall not commit adultery and thou shall not covet thy neighbor's possessions or wife.

    A society that would deny these rules would delve into chaos! These commandments have been engraved into our laws for a reason!

    Why must people see religion as a reason for hate. Religions do not start wars, the purpose of them was to prevent violence and promote peace. Religious wars start because of powerful men going power hungry and controlling the minds of innocent followers.

    Therefore, I do support religions, however I do not believe they are necessary. There is no need to divide people into these different ideologies; to create only hate and discrimination because of the name of their religion. All we need is a poster on every dam street saying:

    1) Thou shall not kill
    2) Thou shall not steal
    3) Thou shall honor thy mother and father
    4) Thou shall not lie
    5) Thou shall not commit adultery
    6) Thou shall not covet thy neighbor's wife or possessions

    And there goes my rage!

  • Without religion we are very happy

    Religion means DIVISION... It divides the human beings. Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach a man to catch fish, he will eat for lifetime. But give a man a religion and he will die praying for a fish. So religion is totally unnecessary ....

  • Religion has lost its relevance centuries ago

    There is one argument that to me transcends the entire debate. There is not a single good deed that cannot be done without religion.

    Religion does not own a monopoly on moral behaviour. We as a society continue to define and redefine our boundaries of what is acceptable and what is not. Morality evolves over time under pressure of a slew of other factors. Religion on the other hand tends to provide an absolute morality. It is often incapable of properly adapting to current standards set by our societies, which results in increasingly outdated "moral guidelines". So no, it is not necessary to the modern world. It never has been, and never will.

  • It serves no purpose.

    What use it religion in today's world, it causes only trouble & strife. It has caused war, hatred & famine. It warps people's minds, also people are assured that they have "answers" to the big questions & for centuries people were killed for questioning them, it still happens today in many places, just look at the middle east, all the harm religion has causes for them.

    Posted by: Him

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