• According to definition, Yes.

    According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, Propaganda is "the spreading of ideas, Information, Or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, A cause, Or a person. " If we look at Christianity, For example, The information would be the Bible and whatever other rules or things they have, And the cause would be to help others believe in what they believe in.

    Technically, Propaganda can also be true. For example, Smoking PSAs are also under definition propaganda, And they are, Under evidence, True.

    So if the purpose of this topic is to classify religion as FALSE propaganda or if it's to classify if religion is false, Then the wording of the debate topic needs to be changed. Otherwise, I don't know how you can see it's not propaganda.

  • Propaganda is everywhere

    All propaganda is is choosing specific information/data to share to push some sort of agenda. Take confirmation bias. People deliberately seek out facts and data that back their point of view over information that supports the opposing side(s). By definition, Confirmation bias is self-propaganda, Where the agenda is whatever you choose to do with that information. People who participate in religion spread propaganda. Many atheists also spread propaganda. Vegans spread propaganda. Meat-lovers spread propaganda. Everybody spreads propaganda. It is just not reasonable to present every single piece of evidence that you come across when researching an issue. Because of this, You will deliberately leave out certain bits of information. Congratulations. You are now part of the propaganda machine.

  • Religion Is Bad!

    Religion has no place in the modern, Civilised world. Teaching kids creationism is disgusting and is on the same level as child abuse. Religion should be banned! It causes wars and is the reason many hate, It is used as an excuse for almost anything that would otherwise be criminal.

  • Yes it is

    I think that religion is propaganda because it is telling people that is they do something bad, They will burn in a fiery pit of death for the rest of time. I know it is a belief, But many people give their churches thousands of dollars over their lifetime, If it isn't propaganda, Then I don't know what it is. At least Christianity is.

  • Oh of course it is

    All religions are by default cults, Though varying in intensity and fanatism, It follows the same rule of blind faith, And it grows in power with the more recruits it gathers

    weak people do need this of course, So it's not completely useless. Thankfully nowadays the most popular religions are compliant with most of western and european laws

  • Yes, It is.

    While religion does provide moral guidance and a community of support it still guides people towards one specific belief and tries to enforce conformity to that belief. This creates conformity where people are not allowed to think for themselves. Although some are definitely worse than others, The spread of a single ideology as one that is correct and outside thought is wrong makes religion a degree of propaganda. Just like the book 1984 by George Orwell where the entire society is fed lies and is monitored by others in the community religion has these same elements and creates a society and group based on fear (hell, Being caught, Etc. . . ) although to a less extreme example. Also like 1984 many indoctrinate children from a VERY young age and they are never thought how to think for themselves and are taught to spread the message as propaganda throughout their lives (the 2006 documentary Jesus Camp is a good example of this).

  • How Could it Not Be?

    The personal kind of belief in a higher power that comes as the result of sheer time lived, Simply observing the world; personal study, Indoctrination, Or blind faith (though some may call this 'weak belief'), Is often a singular system - a closed loop of faith - that exists in the heart and mind of the believer.

    To involve this believer in a foreign organizational structure, Wherein they cannot dissent; to compel this individual to adopt extraneous beliefs and correlates that were not originally a part of the individual's belief system; to induce a sense of obligation to said organization and ultimately to proselytize in the organization's name, One can see how religion, As a separate and very real structure of practice is utterly distinct from any simply belief claim.

    Religion itself functions as propaganda for those in charge and their mission and instructs its congregations in no uncertain terms to be its propagandists under threat of punishment - be that social or spiritual.

  • Religion is a scam trying to get you to go to heaven

    Don't believe what religious people tell you! They are just trying to get you into heaven, Where you will be happy for the rest of eternity! This is obviously the most horrible thing anyone can imagine.

    Every commandment you keep is just dragging you one step closer to eternal joy, Peace, And happiness. Don't get sucked in!

  • By definition, Yes, Religion is technically propaganda.

    Propaganda means using facts to support a belief/opinion so I don't know why religion wouldn't be because it perfectly fits the meaning of propaganda, I know that Jack_white mentioned something about how it wasn't intended as propaganda, Although it may not have originally been intended to, It still was. Take the Holocaust for example, Hitler used propaganda to say that the Jews deserved to be killed, Although he didn't intend it to be propaganda, It still was propaganda.

  • Let's explore the definition of an idea

    An idea can be many things, If propaganda is the spread of information based on what people think you should think;

    Then truth is not an idea. The truth is the truth. Cause and effect. If you murder someone that's wrong, This is not an idea, It's the truth and people are severely punished for it.

    We separate ourselves from animals based off of the fact we can have ideas, And therefore propaganda.

    Religious believe is not an idea; to many it is the truth. A truth that if you defy will result in a violent response from many who view it as the truth and not propaganda.

    Many religious texts including the bible have texts dating back centuries, And has been the result of the rise and fall of many cities.

    There have been many truths that have been implemented to societal laws around the world.

    Propaganda doesn't result in anything good.

    "Political correctness, However, Is by nature deceptive and psychologically manipulative. It therefore serves as a major roadblock to inquiry, As do all other forms of propaganda. " retrieved from Intercollegiate studies institute. 2016 article.

    Https://isi. Org/intercollegiate-review/truth-or-propaganda/

  • Even if you hate religion it has done some good.

    The Holy Bible brought about the necessary concept of protecting children to Romans and other countries who sexually abused children. As a result of this many children lived longer near the end of Rome's life.

    Many religions at least agree that children should not be abused.

    Too bad some churches of today seem to disagree with that concept. But our society would be vastly more terrible without the implementation of some of the concepts in to laws.

  • Lol. Let's use your definition against you.

    First, What is Propaganda, According to @GreenScreen, It is the spreading of ideas, Information, Or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, A cause, Or a person.

    Now, What about Religion? What does Religion mean? In the same dictionary that @GreenScreen used, It is the state of a religious, The service and worship of God or the supernatural, The commitment or devotion to religious faith or observance, A personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, Beliefs, And practices, Scrupulous conformity (cautious obedience), And a a cause, Principle, Or system of beliefs held to with ardor and faith.

    Now, How on the heavens, How on earth, How on hell can we say that Religion is Propaganda? Oh my heart is aching! This is just audacious! LMAO

    Now, If you disagree, Reply.

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  • It provides community and Morals.

    I'm Jewish. Every time we there is a holiday all of the Jews in the neighborhood get together in the Synagogue. Some of these people are people who I wouldn't have met under a different context. I am friends with a lot of the people I met through Hebrew school. The 10 commandments, Specifically the last 6, Are my moral code.

  • There's no other way to morality

    No god means no objective morality because the only ones who are left to determine morality is mankind. The problem here, However, Is that man is selfish, That human nature is therefore deeply flawed, And that not everyone agrees. This means that the only way to decide morality is through a consensus, Which makes morality fluid and subjective. If that's the case, Then you can never be sure that something is right or wrong, But rather, Only believe that something is right or wrong.

  • Not necessarily, No

    While religion is very often used as propaganda, It was not intended to be propaganda. Creation Stories in religion are simply ancient people attempting to make sense of the strange world around them. Religions like Christianity, That teach a specific sense of morals, Are leaning more on the propaganda. Note that I am an atheist, And do not believe in Christianity, Although I believe some of the morals are right. Religions have three main questions: "How were we created? ", "What happens when we die? ", And "How should we treat each other? ". The Creation one is simply people trying to explain the world. The "what happens when we die? " may have originated from one of two reasons:
    1. The clergy could have used it as propaganda to convince people to do things for them, Telling them that they will go to heaven for it
    2. Another example of people trying to make sense of people, And because it has long been reviled to kill other people, We comfort ourselves by saying: "Oh, Don't worry, They'll rot in hell! "
    The "how we should treat each other? " can find its origins in what I said just before, And also propaganda.
    Thanks for reading this far in my really long argument! :)

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GreenScreen says2020-03-24T19:50:01.283
Many people here are incorrectly stating whether they think religion is good or bad and that's not what the debate topic is asking. It's asking if it's propaganda or not. Propaganda can be EITHER GOOD OR BAD. YOU CAN STILL THINK RELIGION IS GOOD AND STILL CALL IT PROPAGANDA. That follows the definition.

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