• Yes, religion is responsible for character education.

    Religion contains alot of commandments and moral standards of conduct. Religion is a great life guide for all people young and old especially in the guidance it what is wrong and right. Religion can helps one to know god and to become close to him. One is a good person because of his/her belief in god and in following his principles.

  • Yes, I think it is

    I think with a good religious backing you can establish a strong character,but it can be found either way. You have to have a good base in order to help you determine, if you can make it in society. Religion is something that is at east going to push you in the right direction.

  • Character is about an individual, not a religon.

    Saying that religion is responsible for character education is a little ridiculous. People still manage to develop character and a strong sense of morality even without religion in the picture. Believing that's not possible means you're a bit of a damaged person. I mean, you can't behave unless an invisible sky spirit is about to smite you?

  • Religion is not responisible for any educaiton

    Religion cannot singularly be responsible for any education as religion necessitates some level of faith and belief in supernatural things. These are not necessary aspects of good character, and indeed may be truly bad aspects of a certain character. Accordingly expecting religion to hande these issues is to likely only invite more problems.

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