• It leads people to believe that everyone else is wrong

    I believe that religion is ruining the way people are thinking. How can religious people sit there and scream that all gay persons should die and are disgusting and yet claim to be all accepting and loving? How can people sit there thinking themselves above all others and that just because people so not share a common belief that they are wrong and stupid? Religious teachings are showing that we should be unsatisfied with not knowing. This is an unacceptable behavior and thought process.

  • It convince people that there's any reality in superstition,

    Reality is far far different from superstition and religion. Religion ruins the way we think so badly, some of us still believe that all 20 million species of animals could fit in a boat, and that humans are created by the rib of god 600 years ago. All of these are ridiculous, unscientific unproven claims! These kind of nonsense ruin the way we think so badly, it draws people away from reason and science, and hence cause scientific depression, best example is Galileo, and more modern example will be boycotting of stem cell research by the church.

  • It turns otherwise perfectly healthy individuals into people with lobotomies.

    No religious friend I have will admit that they believe in witchcraft and magic, but they clearly spend Sunday mornings doing exactly that and every time a minor disaster comes along - rather than doing something they would stand by the side of the road for a good samaritan to come along instead. Wishful thinking somehow becomes a substitute for critical thinking, physical labor, and aggressive chemo-therapy. Soldiers that survive a deadly battle are thankful they survived, but apparently don't seem to share any sense of neglect by their deity for their fallen comrades or enemies. Christians are mostly a good and fearful lot, but let's not forget that they also have divorces, suicides, murders, rapes, accidental death, drug problems, etc just like every other group of people. Despair is just as prevalent, and ... Dare I say: Logical answers seem to be a bit lower; For example (and I do relish our American history so): Bible belt states are known for slavery (followed by almost 100 years of racism), not to mention a lower level of income, a lower level of life expectancy, etc. My personal favorite statistics involves the so-called "acts of God" (see your insurance policy for a description thereof): Apparently the bible belt is also subject to more weather disasters, natural and man-made disasters, major accidents, etc. And yet, religion is so prevalent that it's literally in every corner of every block in some of the South's neighborhoods. It's not about making "God" accountable for people not suffering, it's simply making people accountable for their beliefs. If someone believes that theirs is the true god, the "real deal", they must do some kind of mental yoga to make all the bad stuff jive with their beliefs, i.E. Suspend the idea of being some deity's whipping boy. And yes, it spills over into all kinds of other parts of our lives: Politics (how many candidates raised their hand when asked if they believed in CREATIONISM again?), medicine (sorry Misses, but in this hospital we don't do abortions of dead fetuses, so even though you're a hindu you get to die from sepsis - and yes, that did happen THIS YEAR, and they knew about it for days while the world watched in utter disbelief), education ("evolution is JUST a theory"), and science ("sorry everyone, but our religious President has just decided that the South Koreans are going to lead the world in stem cell research because he's an uneducated fool that takes science advice from his white house priest"). So yeah, let's keep thinking in religious terms: dogmatic belief in spite of empirical evidence. Let's keep our kids learning science from the 19th century before Darwin ruined everything, and let's keep making national policy based on nothing more than a couple of believers in inerrancy of the bible; What was that passage again: "Eye for Eye", "turn the cheek", or "kill everyone including women, children, and livestock"?

  • Religion is dead

    Religion HAS ruined the way we think. The fact that gay people are mocked and in many places discriminated against leads from the scriptures. The fact that a woman who finds her unborn baby has problems that will cause it's quality of life to be appalling has to hide her choice for abortion comes straight from scriptures. The fact that children, in this day and age, are still taught that they are born sinful and must spend their lives atoning to save themselves from eternal damnation, comes straight from the scriptures. The amount of people dying from aids in Africa because condoms are evil, comes straight from the scriptures. The constant battle in america for children to ignore science, evolution etc and revise genesis, all from scripture. Religious war, persecution, genocide all stemming from scripture. How anybody with any amount of moral decency can state that this abomination is anything but bad should hang their own heads in shame.
    And before people cite the ten commandments and how much the church gives to charity, the church has been raping young boys since it's conception and remember this practice was perfectly acceptable and publicly acknowledged just a few hundred years ago. The fact that the art of 'Thighing' is allowed is yet another foul act, backed by scripture.

    Religion is a foul, wretched institution that bends itself to the needs of those abusing it leaving nothing but shame and broken people in it's wake.

  • Religion is ruining children's logical thinking!

    It is stated that Atheists know more about Christianity that the Christians do themselves. Therefore I would like to explain that Religion is a big cause for people not thinking logically. Ever heard of something called Jesus Camp? The kids in there were brainwashed to think that God did it. I am appalled at how adults treat children as puppets to "defend" their righteous "ways". When the children are older their minds block out all science and logical thinking and decide God did it all. I would not like to see children get repeatedly brainwashed "in the name of" Jesus/God.

  • Religion provides a stable, strong moral code.

    To contrast with the ever changing political correctness we have now. What would you prefer. A daily moral code that will be outdated by tomorrow, replaced with a whole set of new rules, or a permanent, proved over time morality, that tends to make people happy with themselves, and makes them care about others and tend to their necessities?
    Religions have strong moral codes that make people happy and give them a meaning and useful things to do with their time. Just ask around. Do a search for Gianna Jensen. Search for names of other famous and strongly religious people.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Religion supports moral thinking

    Religion (semitic) supports the ideals which whether you believe in God or not are morally sound and promote a structured support system toward the healthy advancement of others in the human race. While some take religion to extremes and fly themselves into building supporting Allah killing infidels, those are NOT following the semitic religions way of peaceful thinking because as it was stated in the Quran, while there was a holy war, it was in fact bloodless

  • Altering does NOT mean ruining

    To take an offensive and attacking stance on such a delicate issue has one already treading in thin water. However, I digress. To say a thing (be it a substance, idea, person, etc) RUINS a way we think means it promotes detrimental and unreasonable thinking. This is not the case of religion, for more often than not a religion promotes the GOOD of another human, and of oneself, not the destruction of the way they think and operate. Not only was I incredibly offended as a religious person by the opposing side with the expressed hostility, but I saw a true lack of judgement on character, and a generalization of religious people worldwide.

  • It's all in the people.

    I think religion can have a helping hand in the way people act but I think it is in the people themselves. Some of those who are religious, who think themselves better than others and feel hatred toward those who aren't exactly the way they want them to be could be that way because they are natural haters. I know non-religious people who hate on those who are religious. I am religious but I also keep an opened mind, something religious people don't seem to have a lot of. I think those who don't have an open mind stick with religion not the other way around.

  • I do not think it is ruining, but it is definitely ruling the way we think.

    In general, most religions hold the core of humanity and kindness. People tend to get strength through the way of talking to God. When we confess ourselves, it is like we divide ourselves into two parts, one good and the other evil.The doctrine of religion leads the way we think. If the guide is right, then we follow it and do the good. In this way, religion is not ruining the way we think but just influence.

  • Now I'm just annoyed..

    Religion is not ruining the way anyone else thinks. Just because you are atheist does not mean you are superior to everyone else! I consider myself to be well educated and having good morals. I believe in evolution and the big bang. I am Catholic! But I also believe in all the Bible stories. Religion and science can coexist! There are so many religious scientists, so many religious actors, entrepreneurs... etc. Let's think about it. If religion really did ruin the way we think would Georges Lemaitre have come up with the Big Bang theory? I mean, after all, religion did ruin thinking. 86% of the world is religious. Think about the past decade. Look how much we have advanced as a society! It's amazing. Theists and atheists alike both made amazing things! New medical discoveries and more! But after all, religion does ruin the way we think.

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