Is religion ruining the way we think and act in society?

Asked by: AU_Balimango
  • Break the boundaries of religion.

    Religion has destroyed the way we view the world. Look at all the controversy and wars in the world, everyone of them is based off of religion. Look at the Holocaust, Hitler wanted to destroy the Jews. The abolition movement, the negative side used scripture to back up slavery. Particularly the Christian world is basically the question, has put the bible as all we know about the world. The bible says all these are all the rules and regulations, nothing else could possibly be true. A lot of people believe that they now know all about God once they read the bible cover to cover which couldn't be further from the truth. I don't want to put down all Christians but there are a select few that use too much of a fundamentalist approach when interpreting the bible. So when we talk about the discussion of "What does the bible say..." we assume that the bible is the source for all knowledge and philosophy. But when you read the gospel of John my personal favorite book, the reflection not mainly on who but what Jesus was. Reading John 15:1-7 talking about living in Jesus, this is the indication that there is so much more for us to learn. Christianity shouldn't be viewed as a religion, but as a relationship. My view yes religion has done a very poor job of running society.

  • Religion is ruining the relationship with God

    I believe that the religious end of thing just make it a bunch rules. I believe that your faith must be your own. In order for that to happen, you need to find God for yourself. The biggest reason people leave church is because it's a worthless place of rules where people get hurt.

  • Religion is a big problem

    It encourages a lack of curiosity in how the world works. It also encourages a lack of responsibility.
    We clearly have free will but religious followers would have us believe a god/s dictate outcomes in life.
    The two concepts don't go together very well.
    Religion has also encouraged dysfunctional attitudes towards relationships. Christianity has to it's credit preached about tolerance but this hardly makes up for the damage we see today.

  • Ruining is extreme terminology...

    But I will answer yes. Religion, in itself, strives to bestow generally good values in people and is not the primary reason that causes people to commit horrendous acts such as: sacrificing animals/other people, burning women, maiming, self-sacrificing, etc...

    However, religion is significant in compelling people to commit these acts when feeble-minded people are lead by sadistic, charismatic leaders. These leaders usually deform the teachings in a way to validate their violations against humanity. Seeing as religion is more perceptible to the gullible, people are usually eager to follow heinous orders, in cult-like manner, while claiming it is in the interest of their religion.

  • Religion can impose limits

    Ricky Martin once said that adhering to a specific religious faith can "limit" an individual in certain aspects, and I think I cannot entirely disagree with him. I feel as though if you decide to subscribe to a certain religion, your church attempts to control your beliefs and does not allow you to explore the other philosophies that are out there.

  • Yes, some religion is doing that.

    Not all religion tries to take away our ability to think. Those that are fundamentalist in nature do, however, no matter which tradition they fall under. Any religion that tries to take the beautiful mythology that surrounds it and make it a literal test of belief is adversely affecting our thought process.

  • Religion is causing a divide in society.

    Many religions are based on self-fulfilling prophecy that is easily adjustable to common world issues. Those who are extremely religious have a way of using these incidents to support their religion rather than approach world situations with open minds. The mindset is one of exclusion that prevents any sort of real progress in the understanding between the religious and the non-religious.

  • Religion is wrong.

    Religion is wrong for humanity and has been poisoning society for at least the last two thousand years and doesnt look set to stop for a long time.

    Religion stifles curiousity. There is no reason to look for the answers to the great questions of the universe if you already know the answers. Religion is a detriment to human society in so many ways it creates artificial boundries between populations and aside from race I think it is possibly the biggest obstruction in humanities path to becoming a truly great species.

    When we learn the truth and accept our place in the universe the species will be much better off!

  • Religion provides universal morality

    Religions calls me to treat others with the same respect that I expect to be treated. That is a good philosophy for society, where the opposite is usually the norm. People are selfish and tend to put themselves ahead of others. Upon this premise, religion is necessary for people ethically toward one another.

  • The lack of religion is ruining society

    I think it's the opposite, the lack of religion and morality is ruining today's society. The violence and thuggery going on today shows a lack of a moral compass In society . The gang violence the murdering of innocent people , the lack of respect for others especially our elders is leading to the downfall of our society. What the kids in school do and the lack of respect for they re teachers and authority is pathetic and would have never been tolerated 15 to 20 yrs ago . That being said, a lot of what the teachers do today would not be tolerated either .

  • No, it is only helping us.

    Religion is something that helps society as a whole. It helps guide society to a greater life. Religion has spurred many great movements such as the black power movement, equality for women, and more. Had these people been atheists, the outcome would have been much different. The only reason people think that religion ruins society is because they want homosexuals to treated as equals, which they are. They just want special treatment because they think they are special. Minorities aren't special, and they aren't being denied any rights at all.

  • Religion is not Ruining Anything

    Religion allows us to maintain our sense of morality over many generations. When you disregard religion, people will (within a few generations) disregard the morals of their fathers.
    Religion is a necessity. If over 70% of the population didn't identify as Christian, we'd be more messed up than we already are.

  • Religion is sacred

    Even though religion is and will always be a very debated subject, personally I do not think religion ruins anything, let alone the way we think and act in our society. I think religion is a very sacred thing that will never become an issue for anyone or our society.

  • Religion Is Not The Problem

    I do not believe religion is ruining the way we think and act in society. Religion has been around longer than any of us and it has never brought humanity to it's knees. I believe the unraveling of values and peoples moral understanding dismantles society more than anything and religion tries to uphold these values.

  • Religion is not the reason people think and act poorly in society

    A self-absorbed me-first attitude is ruining society and creating a world of rude, entitled, and often unpleasant people. Religion is an excuse many people use to judge other people and try to bring them down but it isn't the root cause of the general unpleasantness in the atmosphere. This is just people being people and people doing and saying what they want and using whatever reasons they can find to justify doing it.

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