Is religion stopping us from proggesate as for their dogmas?

Asked by: JoseKNT
  • Not sure what proggessate is as its not a word but the christian said no and the other guy said yes

    So yes. I think you may have meant progress or something. It does keep us from progressing morally. The church has opposed virtually every moral progress in the world like the mitigation of slavery, misogyny and or that other m word, the diminution of war and obviously the bible is a horrible source for reasons to fight wars which include beliefs and moralities when there was no "good" or "true" teachings in these places. And punishing children and women for the actions of the men. The christian god even punishes children for the sins of their parents. Exodus 20:5 do not bow down to them or worship them for i the lord god am a jealous god punishing the children for the sins of the parents to the third and fourth generations of those who hate me. Then it goes on to say "he" (who most likely doesnt have reproductive organs) rewards children whos parents love "him" to the thousandth generation. Not sure how that works when not all their generations are going to love god. Im sure they have a made up answer though that they think is fair. I had a christian say that i took 20:5 out of context and should have said that it says they reward them even though its a retarded request as it doesnt change 20:5 and only makes it more unfair. All throughout the bible god punishes children for the sins of their parents. Adam and eve screw up and the hole human race gets cursed and has to live on heaven and hell on earth when it would have just been heaven on earth never dying what not which brings up population issues but whatever. But people who think they know right from wrong with only morals from their parents and the bible (one book which is thousands of years old) dont know right from wrong and cant learn it. Thats the why they oppose moral progress every time. Religion has never been good in the past according to our modern moralities which implication most people dont see, never offers any evidence, and people sacrifice their lives and everything else for it giving it billions of dollars a year and it always asks for more. They believe in it dispite the logic. Either god gave millions of false religions and denominations and one true one in one time and made us play the lottery for salvation picking a religion and hoping and thinking we know we are right and this god can do anything we think is impossible like making a square circle and is perfect in every way or all religions are just made up by our leaders to give us moralities that are convenient for them or what they think is right because they were brainwashed like everyone else? Which is more likely? There is only one rational choice there. Just when we no longer need slaves slavery is ended by one group pretty much? Thats too convenient!

  • It is. Rules of "deities", consider the correct their aim of view, and thus preventing us from leaving the beliefs behind for development of mankind.

    Look at the christian church, the extrem muslims, the Jehova witnesses, they bound their devotees into a close-mind sight of the world. The mankind has proven only useful, when we leave behind our beliefs to reach our goal, get unbound of religions to develop ourselves as truly humanity we are.

  • I admit this is indeed true

    While I am a Christian and I do find the first statement rather rash, the statement is indeed true. Religious doctrine has many times held principles that may draw back the advancement of mankind in respect to morality. However, the acute principle of religion is generically to promote the preservation of morals over the development of mankind. A perhaps originally biblical philosophy that knowledge for development has terrible side effects is naturally true. For example, the Curies made an incredible breakthrough on the study of radioactive materials and their nuclear reactions. However, the development of radiation weaponry traces back to the events in the development of such breakthroughs. Naturally, the Bible does claim that no development for human society will ever stop evil in the world. The point of religion is to basically reduce the immoral occurences in the world by advocating a moral doctrine. Dogmatic or not, doctrines presented today are sometimes indeed quite morally correct from what I have learned as a Christian following the New Covenant teachings of Jesus Christ.
    In conclusion, religion is NOT INTENTIONALLY to stop societal progress, but will appear as an obstacle because it stands to draw out and eliminate the morally negative side effects and requirements in/for several areas of societal development, which may require them to eliminate entire areas as of necessity to preserve the moral doctrine.

  • Nothing new under the sun

    This idea was extremely popular in the latter part of the 19th century. The development of humanism and various other atheistic philosophies said that humanity needed to be “unbound” or “unchained” from the “close-minded” dogmas of religion to reach our full potential. These philosophies helped set us on the path to two world wars, the holocaust, and Stalin’s purges. It is only in recent years when these events have begun to fade from memory – when the generation which saw the atrocities humanity committed once they were “unbound” has mostly passed away – that people again speak hopefully about being unbound from religion.

    Various religions have certainly held back the progress of society in certain ways. However, not all forms of progress are good. We can "progress" in bad directions. And there can be no question that various religions have also pushed forward the progress of society in ways that many people consider good.

  • Disregarding the Theory of Evolution and the Big Bang Theory has never inhibited real science or advancement

    The ridiculous notion that somehow believing in God means you don't believe in science is probably the most uneducated statement someone can make. There are thousands of REAL scientist, people who a doctors, engineers, technicians, inventors, chemists, all scientist and who have a firm belief in God. Evolutionists and Theorists seem to think that the only science that exists is their pathetic guesswork and misinformation. Off the top of my head, Newton, Kepler, Bell, and Morse were all firm believers in God, and Newton and Kepler essentially founded modern science. So just because someone doesn't believe in a patchwork theory doesn't mean they are against "science", it means they are for actual science, like firm and proven facts that can be presented. Besides, how has anyone not believing in evolution ever hindered science? What has evolution given us? How has the Big Bang theory advanced society?

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Diqiucun_Cunmin says2015-05-14T08:24:58.497
What does proggesate mean? I realise it's likely a misspelling, but a misspelling of what, I can't be sure...