Is Religion the cause of conflict in society?

Asked by: gracewilx
  • Most of the time, Yea

    I believe religion creates one more category for people. It goes even further when most religions create a system that basically makes it bad to believe in anything else. I'm an atheist, And so I just find your opinion skewed if you're religious, But I'd never rub that in your face or say you suck if you have a different opinion

  • Some conflict of course

    Belief is something most people have difficulty understanding that others believe in something else. It causes doubt in ones own belief and that causes issues because some people can't seem to pipe down and tend to get very defensive and close minded. Also, I feel most people are brought up religious and don't think for themselves

  • Of course it is

    There's quite a few conflicts that only religion causes. Some of these are pretty small and fairly Petty for example the Pledge of Allegiance taking out under God, And having the Ten Commandments signs in court. Others I think are a little bit bigger of an issue such as abortion, Gay marriage and science classes teaching evolution. I also think it's pretty interesting that churches complain about church and state for schools But don't want to pay any taxes

  • People will always find a way to cause conflict.

    Any ideology whether religious or secular can be used as a tool to generate conflict. Lots of atheist supporters eg. Hitler caused mass destruction and not just against the Jewish people. He discriminated against anyone who wouldn't conform to his social ideals of how society should be, Thus causing conflict.

  • Sometimes, But not usually

    Almost every religious war or conflict uses religion as a guise for what *really* is going on. Take the Crusades for example. While the common folk were probably fighting for God, The orchestrators and leaders of the wars really did it for economic and political reasons.

    In summary, Religion is rarely the main cause of war or conflict.

  • Not necessarily, Sometimes.

    Yes, Religion can cause conflict with different beliefs and actions, But ultimately, No. In some cases, Yes, But the primary source is human nature, Greed. The need to have superiority. Religion is just a cover up for the conflict. Deep down, Its greed. The need to have the superior religion. The need to have your religion practiced and known as the primary religion.

  • No, It's not.

    People will always hate each other and will always find a way to create conflict. Religious conflict has nothing to do with the cause of conflict, It's a byproduct of humans existing. To say that religion, Which is MAN MADE, Is the cause of ALL conflict in society is absurd.

  • Not at all. .

    None of the religions teach, Hatred, Misconduct, Evil deeds. It is all upto mans thinking, How he understands he does. I would like to quote the saying or Allama Iqbal ra. . Saying mazhab nahi slkhata aapas mein bair rakhna, . . So we should work on humanity grounds, That ia what religion teaches. . Thank you aamir

  • A cause, Yes.

    The cause, No.
    Nobody can claim that religion has not caused conflicts in society. It also obvious that religion has been used in and by various people in and during conflicts. Thing is, Tho religion has been connected to many of the worlds conflicts, Not all conflicts are about religion.

  • No. Religion is not a cause for conflict

    Religion is for fellowship and to bring under subjection all the genial characters that is inherited from the first man. The religion is a way far more from what a carnal man understands. People who don't really know what religion is for use it in a wrong way. The religion separates certain things/doings a for believer to do, So that the eternal purpose of the established religion is satisfied. Religion is not something to be blamed but the religious people who reveal their faith to the world in a very wrong way.

  • Conflict comes with hunger for more power

    I do not think that bullying students in schools have idealogical justifications, Or the conflict between neighbors.
    Any community, Either in small or large scale, May try to beat others, For any possible rationale. I have never heard about Islamic background of Adolf Hitler or Pinochet as strong believers, But they are undeniably recognised as most brutal leaders.

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