• Depends on the situation

    I use internet explorer some times but mostly use chrome. Many of the features of some app. Like game maker require windows exp. To work. So i like to use it every now and then and keep it update. But, if you own a mac stick with Chrome. All app. For a mac use safari for html and such.

  • Not at all

    As a web developer I have a hard time designing websites.
    IE's HTML5 and Css support is a joke. Multiple designs have to have extra code for the last 5 IE-Versions to be shown correctly or shown at all.
    IE lacks of speed and that is no the fault of the browser. IE has a strong connection to the Main Explorer.Exe and shares it's processing time with many other applications which are integrated in this bloated program.
    So replacing IE (Either at Microsoft side with Spartan, or User side with a different Browser) is a essential step for experiencing the internet

  • Internet Explorer is not the best browser.

    Internet Explorer is better than some of the other browsers, but it can be replaced with no problem. Many people already use Chrome, which works at least as well. There are a few ways in which Internet Explorer beats the competition, which is why many businesses still use it exclusively.

  • No, I do not think it was a mistake.

    No, I do not think that replacing Internet Explorer was a mistake because I currently use Google Chrome and I love it so much more then Internet Explorer therefore I am pretty much content with never using it again. I really don't know anyone anymore who still uses Internet Explorer

  • No, Internet Explorer has become a punchline.

    Among savvy web users, using Internet Explorer has been a joke for years. Nobody wants to depend on that clunky, outdated browser. At this point, nobody would give Internet Explorer much notice, even if it changed considerably. Microsoft's new browser may not end up being well-liked either, but it's worth it to give users a lightweight alternative to browsers like Chrome and Safari.

  • Internet Explorer should be replaced.

    Internet Explorer is a terrible internet browser and every effort should be made to find a replacement for it. There are so many better options out there already that it is surprising that Internet Explorer has remained as popular as it is. If Microsoft wants to stay at the top of their industry, they need to come up with a better option.

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