• What else would it be?

    Causing happiness to yourself? Causing happiness to others? Helping further technology? Happiness triggers are designed to lead to survival and reproduction. These triggers are mostly to eat, have sex, cause happiness to others and achieve success. Without eating, you die. Without sex, you don't reproduce. Without achieving success, you can't keep yourself alive and attract the attention of females. And causing happiness to others is just the same thing extended to others. Furthering technology? It's for survival. From an evolutionary standpoint, as long as immortality is impossible it will be the task of any and all lifeforms to reproduce.

  • Survive & Fornicate...That's it.

    Those looking for the meaning of life are usually seniors in the decaying phase of life (dying), post reproduction...They have forgotten what it was like to be young.

    When you were young and in the growth phase of life you didn't ask about the meaning of life, you were too busy living it...Survival and fornication.

    If you exclude reproduction from the equation, you'll end up like all those "philosophers" repeating that same old chestnut... "life has no meaning".

    Life loses meaning when you get older for sure, it has to, your capacity and passion for life fades, it's natural; it's natures only merciful act. Natures is preparing you for death, old age is painful...Death is the ultimate painkiller.

  • If reproduction is not the meaning of life please google semelparous

    Semelparous organisms reproduce only once in their lives and then dieThe most well known ones are Pacific salmon that perish after spawning. Other examples are squid, mayflies and plants which die after setting seed (annuals). The adult diverts resources into producing huge amounts of offspring to ensure sufficient numbers reach maturity without any parental care. This is why bears largely ignore dead salmon after they've spawned - all the salmon's fat has gone into producing sperm and eggs and little nutrional value is left.

  • Everyone and thing does it.

    If you think about it, the world is full of animals and bacteria that reproduce on a daily basis. Why do humans have kids? Why do bear have Cubs? Why do we see in every species that they reproduce? "Well that's how they don'tbecome extinct" some might say, others may say it's instinct and its what they were always taught not able to think about keep their species alive but just the normal thing to do. "Well humans reproduce for more readons, they do it because we share a love with someone else" some might say. But is that not instinct. I'm sure everyone in elementary school has had that little crush on someone. I like him. When were you ever taught to like someone other than family. You may not think about sex at this young age but I'm sure you hear "ya one day we are getting married and will have kids. My point is even though a human may not think "oh we have to reproduce it's my goal" people still want to have kids need to have kids. No matter the reason the common "reason" in life to to create your own being and love him

  • Yes, Yes and Yes

    The meaning of a cells life is to be created, reproduce and die. Humans and every other living thing are simply the more complicated versions of a cell. We have managed to develop much further than any other life form on earth however all of these malls, supermarkets, gyms and cinemas, all of these things have a hidden sexual message. We keep fit and healthy so we seem suitable partners to the opposite sex or whoever we feel attracted to. Malls are usually for clothes which we buy for the same reasons as mentioned above. Our lives have no other "deeper" meaning then that no matter how high and mighty you might feel about humanity.

  • Yes Yes Yes

    There are things in life that might make it more enjoyable such as having a good career, friends, a family, etc. the list can go on forever. But at the end of the day if there was no reproduction and no survival then whatever that species may be would become extinct.

  • We are here to pass on our knowledge and genetics.

    Life is what we make of it. The primary purpose of all people from birth is to pass on their genetics and survive. We all don't want to be forgotten when we die. We want to feel like we have meaning so we strive to leave a legacy and most people's legacies are their children. Therefore, the meaning of life is to survive and reproduce. When that is accomplished then our new meaning of life is established; to leave a legacy.

  • It might not be the meaning of YOUR life but it is the aim of life in general.

    If an organism did not reproduce, it would never have come to exist in the first place. So your great great grand parents to the power of about 2 billion years ago... Was a cell. Probably just one cell. What was IT's aim? Well it wasn't conscious, it had no brain so it probably had no idea... But what it did was reproduce. It's parent cell also reproduced. Anyway, the progeny of our ancestral cell, 1 billion years later become multi-cellular organisms, still not conscious, but still able to reproduce. Two billion years on, these multicellular organisms have evolved to be fish, reptiles, plants, mammals etc... You get the picture. The meaning of LIFE applies to all life, including fish and plants, not just us humans. It's quite arrogant that we think we're any different actually. The one aim every organism has in common, even disease causing bacteria, is to reproduce! That is literally all everything is trying to do.
    Next time you do something, ask yourself, 'Am I just doing this so I seem more attractive to the opposite sex?' or 'Am I just doing this so I have enough resources to provide for my offspring?' The answer is probably yes. Although the great thing about being human is that we do actually do things that are not just in order to have babies! Still, you will notice how much of our behaviour is reproductively orientated now ;-)

  • The Answer is Yes, Reproduction is the Key

    Reproduction is definitely the meaning of life if you think from a socialistic point of view. The meaning of life is to leave a legacy. What better way to leave a legacy than to renew part of yourself into another? Society keeps evolving and in order for evolution to happen, reproduction must continue obviously.

  • Totally not true.

    If the only reason we are here is to reproduce then why didn't we just evolve into purely reproductive organs with no conscious mind? What is the point of having all these other things like knowledge and emotions and whatever els if they're just wasteful and pointless? Why is it so easy to avoid reproducing? Many people don't have children, either because they choose not to or they can't. Surely the meaning of life shouldn't be optional or avoidable? If that's the only reason we're here then that's the only thing we should be aspiring to and doing, and that's not the case. If we're only here to reproduce to create other beings that are only here to reproduce and so on then isn't that just pointless and basically the same thing as life not existing anyway? It wouldn't make a difference if life on earth existed or not at all if all we did was create more "life" to create more "life" and do nothing els. Does that make sense? It's like one of those paradoxes. If the meaning of life is to reproduce then life is meaningless.

  • Life has no meaning. And meaning doesn't exist either.

    Meaning is a human construct created by our intelligence. Without sentient minds, the concept of meaning doesn't exist. Therefore, every concept of a "meaning of life" is individual and subjective. Everyone creates their own meaning. Their ambitions and aspirations are their meaning of life. There is no meaning of life, however, there is a meaning of my life, your life, etc., if that person wants there to be one.

    To say that there is one universal meaning of life is incredibly authoritarian. I have no faculty to tell you the meaning of your life, and you have no right to tell me mine.
    What if I don't want any children? There's so much more you and I could do with our lives.

  • There is more to it

    Although my decision on God's presence remains undecided, I do believe in a stronger power somehow. That stronger power would not simply allow humans to be born, reproduce, and die. Although the meaning of life is still debated by many, I can not see the point of view of how any creator would casually let humans go on with their lives, have them die, and have that be it. There must be something more, even if it is not figured out quite yet.

  • Look to Science Fiction

    Look to science fiction. In the Star Trek series, humanity has reached a point of enlightenment. They have removed the need for food, clothing, really anything tangible, including energy. All people are taken care of, and there is a cure for most anything. So why aren't they just sitting around watching TV? Their purpose is the betterment of man kind, and the universe itself, universal peace.

    Although it is science fiction, simply imagine what your purpose would be if you no longer wanted for anything? It won't simply be reproduction.

  • The meaning of life is what you make of your life, not reproducing.

    Reproduction is just one aspect of life, but it is not the whole meaning of life. One must make meaning of their own life, especially before they try reproducing. Children should not be brought into this world to be ignored and abused. Reproducing should be only for those who have love they can give to children.

  • Beverly Penn may have been spot on.

    We are all connected. Each baby born carries a miracle inside. A unique purpose and that miracle is promised to one person and one person alone. We are voyagers set on a course towards destiny, to find the one person our miracle is meant for. But be warned: as we seek out the light, darkness gathers and the eternal contest between good and evil is not fought with great armies... But one life at a time.
    What if we are all unique, and the universe loves us all equally? So much so that it bends over backwards across the centuries for each and every one of us. And sometimes we are just lucky enough to see it.
    No life is more important than another. And nothing has been without purpose. Nothing. What if we are all part of a great pattern that we may someday understand? And one day, when we have done what we alone are capable of doing, we get to rise up and reunite with those we have loved the most, forever embraced.

  • Definitely not so

    I mean, from a scientific stand point sure, that is our design by nature, and that's how we're here typing our answers, but there will remain a surplus of humans on this planet even if some people never want to reproduce. The only reason we're the "superior" race is that we're conscious and extremely self aware of our existence, and therefore must allow that when we make decisions regarding our lives, nature isn't the only thing that dictates the outcome; we must embrace the philosophic sides of ourselves too, the side that makes you challenge and question why things are the way they are, and why we continue that cycle. After all, human reproduction benefits no one but the human race. Really, the earth existed long before us, and will continue long after. I think it'll survive some childless humans who actually search for meaning in other sources. Also, we could benefit from fewer children being birthed by parents who did so because it's expected or because it's what they're designed to do, and then not being equipped to love and raise those children.

  • It may seem the most obvious path

    But being a slave to instinct is the natural way of humanity but like a virus, it will lead to our own self-destruction. Therefore the meaning of life is to preserve life and that means that special people can step out of this loop of reproduction and make a choice to not reproduce. For humanities sake and also so they can evolve spiritually.

  • It depends what a human wants to create as a purpose of life

    Meaning of life is the thing that a human create. If a human selects "the meaning of life" to reproduce, then they reproduce, reach his goal. But another humanbeing being's one of the purposes to be a very popular rockstar guitarist, then he have a purpose not including having a child.

  • Good philosophical question

    People who agree argue that if we don't reproduce we become extinct. If we're extinct there is no life, hence it is the meaning life of life. However it is a different meaning of life. There are many meanings of life some artificial and some natural. And two of which are the survival meaning of life and the spiritual meaning of life both of which are correct but not true. It is wrong to say there is only one meaning of life, given an arbitrary perspective.

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