Is Resident Evil 2 better than Resident Evil 4?

Asked by: BeoWolf_01
  • WIthout a doubt

    Resident Evil 4 is an incredibly overrated ACTION GAME. I never understood the appeal when it came out. In my opinion, they took out tons of the tension by making it so easy. It caters to the casual gamer much more than the predecessors. Also the story was just unnecessarily overblown and stupid.

  • I think it has a better overall story and atmosphere.

    A friend and I have been debating this for as long as we can remember. So i decided to go ahead and ask the public on what they think is the best and whatever the outcome is, we wont let it come bewteen our favorite game. (You guys should really vote for 2 tho!)

  • Resident 4 is just the better game.

    I liked Resident Evil 2, however Resident Evil 4 really stepped it up every department.The storyline of RE4 is way more interesting. You're Leon S. Kennedy, whom is now an agent who saving the president's daughter from religious infected cult group in Spain. (I'm not going include too many spoilers) With smarter more threatening enemies (Although they're not zombies). It's first resident evil to allow quick time events and it's the first on where you could perform hand to hand combat attacks. You're allowed to play mini-games like mercenaries and play Ada's 2 game modes. The characters are by far more interesting, most of the characters in RE2 lacked development IMO. You could buy, sell and upgrade weapons. The weapons are great. From different types of pistols, shout guns, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles all the way up to rocket launchers. Resident Evil 2 is indeed a great nostalgic horror game, I've played it and ended it, but comparing it to Resident evil 4 is not really much of competition.

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