• I think it's legal

    So many YouTube play the resident evil remake when it came out and they said they played it as a child so I think it's legal in some ways all the people out their know they played it as a child so people saying stupid question it's not I thought too it's legal I guess so go away critics or just go play silent hill👿

  • I think get your kid re4 its the least disturbing .

    I know its rated 15 and full of gore re4 is not bad. WARNING:DONT GET THEM ANY OTHER THAN 4 THERE WAY MORE DISTURBING AND TERRIFYING!!! Except for revlations 1. So get your kids these two but be warned do not step out of your boundry dont say i dint warn you

  • For teens, yes. For children, probably not!

    I voted yes however because I do not know anyone stupid enough to even think about letting younger children see that stuff. If you think about it, at what age did you play a zombie game, or watched a zombie film/show? I started getting into High School Of The Dead (Show) and Resident Evil 4 (Video Game) when I was 14 with no problems. So stop worrying about it, violence doesn't even cause violent behaviors. Check out this website for proof.

  • Depends on there maturity level

    Im 16 and I have been playing these games since i was 13 and been watching horror movies since i was 10, but I was aware that it was just a movie/game and not reality. Just ask your child if they know the difference between a game and reality and if they don't, teach them the difference. But honestly these games aren't ment for kids under 10 to be honest, its not like they would under stand the story behind the games anyway? What's the point of buying your kid a game if they wont under stand whats going on? Lol

  • Depends, on the child and the parenting.

    If a child is ready and mature, I'd say maybe at twelve. If the parents have disciplined (spanked, not abused) their children and they know right from wrong, then ok. Kids naturally get mad at games, wether it's Madden or Resident Evil. I think as long as the parent is keeping an eye on the child in case they get mad. Many might argue that children will repeat the words, this is way I said at twelve. This is the age most children start learning cuss words. It is almost impossible to stop a teenager from cussing at least once. This is also an age where a child is close to puberty. I believe that before that starts, children should have "The Talk".

  • Yes, if ready

    I see no reason why a kid shouldn't be able to play a game, if they are mature enough to handle it. If the teen or child can handle the gore, language, etc, and the parents think the child is ready than I don't see a problem with the child playing this game. Besides

  • Really? Why is there even a split in this question?

    Just like elijahhogan20 said, it's rated m for a reason. I mean, it's not like I'm saying kids shouldn't, because one little opinion like mines can't control it, but it'f rated m for mature. That should already itself answer your question. I don't even have to bother about talking about the gore and violence. Just because your more "mature" or used to it, it still doesn't change the fact this is inappropriate for kids. Though, that won't stop kids from playing it. Haha, though I should speak for myself, being only 15 and playing these violent video games rated for mature.

  • No, bad language and gore is the least of it

    I would never let my kid play this game. I've personally played it, and It is first of all m for mature. Second it's a fricking horror game! It is m for a reason people! So no, it is not appropriate for children. Parents should really play the game before they give it to their child.

  • That is an absurd question.

    Of course not,there is a reason why the game is always rated M, sure there is violence,language,or intense moments but I wouldn't call it scary.Although there are scenes of graphics and depicted violence in this,I believe that the Resident Evil franchise is NOT for little kids especially around the ages of 4-7 because let me tell you:
    I was a little 5 year old living in Lubbock in my early days back in 2004 and I have heard of Resident Evil,in fact I owned the fourth one on the PS2 which was my favorite.Now this game was both amazing and terrifying because it had unique and disturbing creatures such as the Regenerators,the El Giantes,and the worst of them all: El Salvador.That scared the living hell out of me when I saw those creatures and I didn't want to play it for weeks.It's a really good game especially when you grow up and the only one you have fun on a PS2.

  • Noooo no no nooo.

    Resident evil is far from being appropriate for children. It's a survival horror genre, and so it has lots of blood, gore, probably foul language, and a lot of otherwise scarring images. It has an M rating, for crying out loud. That means it was NOT meant for people under the age of 17 to play it.

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