• Its taking away a right.

    Women and men should have a right to not have children if they don't want to. The world is already overpopulated, and if this was implemented you'd just be adding to the chaos. Men and women wouldn't be able to have sex for anything but children, women would be getting pregnant with unwanted children more often- it would turn out worse for the families that were made.

  • Ofc ourse it is

    I understand that some people are against birth control on some personal moral level. So don't use it if you don't want to. However banning it isn't righ because people have rights to put what they want into their body even with potential risks of some things they could do

  • Yes, because it is wrong to control the choices of others.

    It is immoral because it is dictating what people do with their own bodies. It is used as a way to control and shame women. Forcing personal beliefs on another person is wrong, particularly with something as potentially life altering as contraception. Women should be allowed to make their own choices and have autonomy.

  • What happens to people if we do?

    Imagine it. A society where nobody could safely engage in sexual acts with their partner. For fear of spreading a transmittable infection to them. Contraceptives allow us as people to engage who we want, with safer results. It allows us to choose whether we might have a child, or even not. I believe that when we maintain a steady line of different choices of contraceptives, society will be an overall healthier place. Yes, teaching and informing is important before contraceptives should be introduced to teenager. But it only covers so much. Many people want to try new things, and simply informing people of the consequences does not usually sway them- especially if a decision is already made. People should be given the right to contraceptives.


    You need to choose between overpopulation and running out of resources and having to migrate to another planet in order to survive/ world wars 3 - 53, waste problems, and other huge problems including mass disease spreading, non sanitary environments, lack of drinking water/ clean food (or everything will be genetically modfied), possibly eating people disguised as meat, and other scary ideas. All of those things will not happen during our time, but if you restrict access then our grandchildren will have to deal with all of those problems we were unprepared for. The other option is making contraception and abortion widely available and encouraging abstinence as well. Like it or not, sex is a fact of life.... As well as stupidity and continously repeated mistakes.

  • No, just foolish.

    It's not immoral to restrict access to birth control, but it is very short sighted and foolish. The best way to prevent abortion numbers from rising is to teach young people how to prevent unwanted pregnancies in the first place. Give them the tools to make good decisions from the start, and everyone will be better off.

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