• Of course 'Reverse' Racism is BS

    Reason being that there is no 'reverse' to racism. You're either racist or you're not, and this implication that only white people are able to be racist is not only untrue, but a flawed observation. There's these people who want to make you think that a thing is only racist if there's an institutionalized aspect, but by definition, racism is biased towards race where a person sees a race as either inferior or superior to others with stereotypes and personal judgments involved.

  • It implies that only whites can be racist

    Mind you I do criticize a lot of Northern Euro countries but I will come to all country's defense who get maligned by black people. To me it's BS. It's racism. Anyone can be racist. If anyone has favor these days it's the black community. They get away with murder (figuratively speaking). It's annoying. "Reverse racism" is the most full-of-s--t word ever made.

  • Its an Oxymoron.

    Technically, if someone is "racist" that means they judge an entire group of people based upon based upon skin color and treat them differently when compared to other people because of it. If your claiming "reverse racism", then it literally means the exact opposite hence the word "reverse" and that person would not be a "racist" by definition, however, I know what is intended when people say "reverse racism" and that is can people who've historically been victims of racism produce the same level of racism back onto others. Theoretically yes, but in reality no here's why I will agree with you that everyone regardless if your black, white, blue, or purple is to some degree prejudice everyone has their own preferences, however, racism is something entirely different. Look I personally could care less what others thought of me when they see me in a store, on a bus, or walking across the street, but, I do care if someone with racist beliefs was in a position of power and influence and could determine if I could get a good job, or go to a certain school, or be able to buy a house and that is the difference. If you were to compare the level of power and influence that blacks and Latinos hold to whites, there is a significant difference. Blacks and Latinos don't run the banks, the criminal justice system, the housing department and etc. those have always been in the hands of whites. I'm sure if the power switched between blacks and whites its plausible to claim "reverse racism", however, in reality that's never going to happen so get a grip

  • Who are we kidding?

    Of course there is reverse racism. Go hang out in the black community a bit and you will see this instantly. If all the races are equal, then all the races will have he same flaws. Those that believe things only go one way are delusional and just using race as a crutch.

  • Yes, and it is called Affirmative Action

    While it applies to not only race, but gender and other criteria, its a failed attempt at behavior modification to force employers to maintain an even rainbow of employees, trumping the talent, capability, applicability, credentials, or experience of the candidate. When one is legally bound to hire a lesser qualified person at the expense of another in the name of 'equal opportunity', unfair hiring practices occur, ergo, reverse racism.

  • Reverse Racism Exists

    Of course reverse racism exists. Anything that discriminates against a race can be considered racist, whether it be directed toward whites, blacks, Asians, Hispanics, etc. Racist sentiments toward any race can be equally abrasive and hurtful to the targeted ethnicity. Reverse racism is not justified because of a long history of abuse. It is equally as harmful as racism itself.

  • "Positive/Reverse" Racism is a very really thing:

    The idea behind Diversity Laws was good but sadly only good in theory. In practice diversity enforcement is equivalent to the necessary attached "-ism". The term needs to exist because when the solution to the problem becomes the problem it is rather important we have a term that differentiates to some degree for assessment.

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