• Absolutely smoking hot

    He might not be actually physically attractive, but I wouldn't know, because his intellect is so awesome and seductive that I just mix things up. I can't separate his great personality from his appearance, so I end up thinking he is absolutely smoking hot. His honesty, his clear blunt explanations...I can't resist it.

  • Richard Dawkins is hot.

    His intellect is captivating, and he is physically attractive as well. Granted, he was more attractive in his younger days, but he still has it going on. He looks especially attractive when looking into test tubes, or recording animal behavior; I wish he would stick to the hard science versus the angry, hate speech. He should change his book titled "The Selfish Gene" to the "Sexy Gene".

  • No, Richard Dawkins is not hot.

    Richard Dawkins has a similar temperature to every other living human being. Therefore he is not hot or cold. He also is not very attractive. I would prefer a number of people over him for looks. He does not even look as good as Screech. Perhaps if Richard Dawkins was compared to sloth he could be seen as hot.

  • Richard Dawkins is old

    Richard Dawkins is an old man who is far past his prime, physically speaking. This is assuming he was ever attractive at all. Why would anyone find an old professor lecturing about religion hot? This would be a very weird fetish that most would certainly not share. Such an odd question...

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