Is Richard Manfred's decision to ban Pete from Major League Baseball right?

  • We reap what we sow

    Yes, Manfred was correct in banning Pete Rose. Rose did have a fantastic athletic career. He also forever stained the sport and his reputation with his illegal activities. If the sport of baseball were to allow Rose an exception to the rule, what message would that send to young aspiring atheletes out there?

  • Pete Rose accepts MLB ban: 'You can't rewrite something'

    Pete Rose is the manager of a professional baseball team. For this reason he is not allowed to bet on games. He has inside knowledge of the players and how the team plays from week to week giving him an unfair advantage when it comes to betting on the games. I think the decision to ban him was the correct one. The fact that Pete Rose himself agrees with the decision says a lot.

  • I think it is right

    I have no problem with Pete Rose being banned from Major league baseball. He did something he shouldn't and he knows it. I do think he deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. Being banned from baseball and the Hall of Fame are not the same thing. Ban him from baseball, but not the Hall of Fame.

  • Everybody Makes Mistakes

    Sports these days are overcome with scandals these days. The players of these sports may be perfect athletes but they are not perfect people. People by nature make mistakes. With the case of Pete Rose he is one of the greatest players of the sport of baseball. He chose to bet on his own team to win and that was a mistake. Gambling, as opposed to some of the other scandals that baseball alone has suffered through, is not that bad. With that being said, he deserved punishment for his actions but a complete ban altogether is a little much. Despite his actions outside of the field he should at least be recognized for his accomplishments in the sport of baseball.

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