• This guy is a racist. Point blank

    To refer to a teammate, a black teammate as a the n-word threatening kill him, slap his mother and to sexually violate his sister is not only racist behavior but its sickening. No white person should ever fix their lips to refer to blacks as n-words (especially with the history that is attached to that word) and expect not to be deemed a racist. Lets get most recent incident with Jacksonville Jaguars D-Lineman-Yannick Ngakoue. It was reported that he apologized to Ngakoue in a private conversation. But where there is smoke there is fire. There is a pattern of this guy using racist slurs. The fact that his black teammates came to his defense means absolutely nothing to me. They are victims of racism/white supremacy themselves. Let's go even further into the Wells report which revealed a series of text between him and another (presumably white) teammate in which they discussing the best guns that would take out black people. It also highlighted many other racial slurs and taunts toward other non-white Miami Dolphin personnel in particular an assistant athletic trainer who happened to be of Asian decent. This guy is a racist. The evidence his thought, speech. And action prove that any logical person would suspect him as being such.

  • It's tough to label a man based on hearsay, but...

    I don't like labeling a man as a racist based on a couple of quotes that the media ran with. The fact that his teammates defended him from that accusation also complicates things somewhat.

    But, the things he said in those voice mails to Jonathan Martin are vile and impossible to misinterpret. If Richie Incognito is not a racist, then he was doing a very good impression of one.

  • Richie Incognito needs some mentorship

    Richie Incognito is not racist, he just does not show the typical compassion that other people feel toward one another. I believe he does need some proper counseling and sensitivity training and needs to understand where to draw the line. He still is supportive of his team mates and I think he is slowly realizes what his words and actions have caused.

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