• W o W

    Hello world lol hi hello rick and morty is the best show of life yo I love it no South Park will counter argue ric and morty because it's the best show and morty makes it the best show. So yes I love rick and morty. Wubba lubba dub dub!

  • Rick and Morty is better.

    The characters are more funny in Rick and Morty and it has a bunch of hype. Overall Youtubers talk about hype for Rick and Morty hype more than they talk about hype on South park. Well thats it on my comment. I hope you guys agree with me.

    - Kaioth

  • South park is supreme

    As stated previously south park has stood the test of time it's a show that continues to deliver the best jokes year after year after year because south park is a type of show that will always have substance to work with no matter what. Mean while with rick and Morty its just a Sci fi back to the future parody at some point Rick and Morty will cease to be funny I mean just look at the pickle Rick joke there's no substance to it he turned himself into a pickle there is nothing funny about it wubba Luba dub dub is also not funny it's just a random joke added in no substance it goes to show Rick and Morty is dying as whole do to its incompetent writers so bye bye Rick and Morty south park will still stand ready to entertain the next generation of adults

  • South Park had stood the test of time and continues to deliver

    While I enjoy Rick and Morty, South park has entertained me for far longer and continues to still entertain. It manages to continue to have relevant and enjoyable episodes that more often than not cause me to break out in laughter.

    Also the Rick and Morty Fan base is Shit

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