• Bush is too popular not to notice.

    Rick Perry s endangered by Bush's legacy. This is because Bush was President and Perry was just governor to this point. This is always the case when a predecessor has held higher office than the person who succeeded them. If Perry becomes President, this won't be an issue anymore. The passage of time will also reduce Bush's memory.

  • Perry and Bush Feature Different Personalities

    Rick Perry and George Bush, outside of both being governor of Texas at point, have very little in common. Bush came from a political dynasty and was educated in the Ivy League, while Perry is more home-grown and has no such pedigree. Additionally, Perry tends to focus more on domestic and economic issues, while Bush's main legacy falls in his issues with foreign policy.

  • Few relate them

    Somehow, although there are a number of parallels between the two of them - both governors of Texas, both Republicans, both socially conservative, even to varying degrees - the association in the minds of people relating Rick Perry to George Bush is pretty tenuous at most, and not much in the long run.

  • He retiring after this term

    He kind of joined the tea party anyway, so I think he would of been fine. Now that he is getting out of politics, it really does not matter. I would hope all politicians that followed the Bush administrations policies would be endangered. That was one of the most damaging administrations this country has ever seen. People follow ideology though, and not so much on common sense.

  • No, Perry is not endangered by Bush's legacy.

    I do not think that Rick Perry's future campaign would be endangered by Bush's legacy. While it is understandable to think so, I do not think people will blame Rick Perry for their perception of Bush's term in office. I think that people will be more interested to listen to what Rick Perry has to say.

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