• Rick perry is justified in chiding Obama

    Rick Perry is justified in chiding obama because Obama wants to throw money at a problem which has existed for years. The American taxpayer should not have to support these people that should not be here in the first place. These children should be shipped back to central america and their government should take care of it.

  • Yes, Perry is justified in chiding Obama for not taking action.

    The militarization of the United States - Mexico border has been a hot political issue for a number of years. The increase in immigration from Latin America has had an effect on the U.S. in terms of population, economics, language/food/culture, and more; the federal government has been widely criticized for not taking action. While I ultimately think Perry's intended solution to immigration is wrong (both factually incorrect and ethically indefensible), it is my belief that he is justified in chiding Obama's apparent unwillingness to take action.

  • Yes, Obama ought to visit the facilities as an opportunity to address immigration.

    The fact that children are fleeing gang warfare in Mexico by coming to Texas is a tragedy, for those children. As Americans it is our duty to give solace to innocent people in need, and there is not better example than children fleeing violence at home. Obama should visit the facilities in order to see first hand the children that have come to America for help, and use the occasion to outline a plan for giving these children the future they deserve.

  • No the governor of Texas, Rick Perry, is not justified in disrepecting the President of the United States.

    Texas governor Rick Perry is not justified in disrespecting the President of the United States. Mr. Perry made it clear he was showboating for public opinion. If the President of the US feels the information he is getting from his on site personnel is accurate there is no reason for him to make a trip to see what is already been reported to him. Remember the President as already sent a bill to Congress to address the border issues.

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