Is Rickie Fowler an overrated golfer who got lucky when he won the recent Player's Championship?

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  • No luck in sports

    He may have gotten a few lucky breaks but there is no such thing as being lucky and thats why you win or lose in sports. Had he not put himself in position to benefit from someone elses missteps it wouldn't have mattered. He put in countless hours of work to be in that position so its not on pure blind luck.

  • Fowler develops talent

    Rickie Fowler, despite a sudden win at the Player's Championship, spent 2014 gaining a large amount of both top five and top ten places in a variety of championships and tournaments. I agree that his performance was a "breakthrough" but hopefully this will be the start of a competitive career and shows the development of a player from "Top 5" to "Top."

  • Consistent performance for a long time

    Rickie Fowler has been playing well for a long time. Fowler has enough top 5 finishes to put him in the company of some golfing legends. The only thing that had been missing from his resume to call him one of the greats of our time was a victory at a major tournament. He know has completed this feat and deserves recognition from players and fans.

  • Fowler has come close Many times

    There is no way Fowler got lucky here in my opinion. This wasn't a straight forward eighteen hole golf tournament. There wasn't just one play off but two. How often does that happen, he more then proved that he was worthy of that win. Also, he has come close in the past against more notable golfers. This maybe his first actual win, but this isn't the first time that he has proven that he had what it took to win.

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