• Chris Brown

    She got back with Chris Brown, even though he has another girlfriend, and he nearly killed her. I think that is pretty self explanatory! She is a terrible role model for kids, and going to get hurt again!
    I really don't think that she knows what is good for her, nor did she ever!

  • I'd say so

    If someone beat me to a bloody pulp, I would never go back to them. If the only part I had in a movie (Battleship) turned out to be one phrase long sentences that anyone could yell, I'd try and get a better role. If I made a new album every year, and each album only had one or two good songs on it, I'd slow my roll down and make something as good and memorable as "Good Girl Gone Bad," that will be a multiplatinum success. So overall, I'd do things differently then her, so i'm gonna have to say yes.

  • Yes, she is.

    Rihanna is an extremely talented and beautiful young woman who seems to be making bad decisions. The fact that she and Chris Brown have been seen in public and have made public statements of love for each other is an indicator of her bad decisions. She is also setting a bad example for young women, by allowing herself to be drawn in by the man who beat her.

  • The heart wants what the heart wants.

    You can't help who you love, and obviously Rihanna and Chris Brown both love each other. Yes, he beat her, but people can be forgiven. Sometimes you just have to do what you want for yourself and not what society tells you is best. Rihanna is happy with him, so let her be happy.

  • She is rich, famous, and admired around the world.

    Considering how Rihanna is rich, famous, and admired around the world, it would be difficult to claim that she is a bad decision maker. She obviously made some right decisions at some point. Granted, she may have made some poor decisions as well, e.g. Chris Brown, but overall she seems to know what she is doing.

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