• Income inequality has been a part of American history for a while.

    The idea that income inequality is un-American is absurd, as this problem has existed since the founding of our country, with the class of indentured servants and slaves compared to the well-off status of our Founding Fathers. Even in supposed "Camelot" and the start of the idea of the American Dream, income equality was never fully achieved, so that will be a part of American life no matter the administration of the country.

  • No it isn't

    That the rich are producing more wealth than the poor is a fact of life- there's nothing wrong with it just like there's nothing wrong with me working out more than you. What's un-American is the kind of envy which surrounds it- so what if some people are more productive than you?

  • No, rising income inequality is not un-American

    No, rising income inequality is not un-American. I believe that it is not un-American because income inequality has been around since before the United States of America. In my opinion, income equality is un-American. The former communist countries had income equality and people were miserable because everyone got the same pay every month. Unlike those countries, America gives everyone of its citizens, the opportunity to make more money. In America if you want more money, you either get a better job or you make your own job.

  • Rising income inequality is not un-American

    Rising income inequality is not un-American. It is very American. Our system was built partially on competition, so when things get tough, most of the money is going into the hands of the few. I agree there should be more income equality, but that should happen according to the will of each individual person.

  • What's Un Amercan?

    The rising income inequality is a way of life. Nothing can be un-amercian only because america does a lot of things positive and negative but the income of equality nowadays is based of off each and every individual themselves. Everyone is fending for their own means and way through life.

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