• Much like the womb needs to fill with baby, the world should be allowed to naturally fill with people.

    The more the world population increases, the more people there are around to benefit and experience life.

    All countries should be strongly urged to let and encourage their human populations to freely soar, because more and more people would be glad to live.

    Whether or not, huge populations are seen as a potential untapped resources, or good for the economy, people have powerful reproductive urges, and there are numerous compelling arguments for continued, even rapid, population increase, if at all possible, even within overcrowded shantytowns or the most populous regions of the world. So put people into more places, and let us keep growing!

  • Rising population poses a threat to the world's ability to sustain enough food for everyone.

    The world has only so many reasons. As the population increases, even only nominally, further stress is placed on the world's resources. While some of these resources, such as fuel, can be replaced with synthetic versions, other resources, like food, are essential to sustaining life. Scientists predict that at the current rate of global population increase, the world will run out of food resources to sustain the world's population within the next century.

  • Yes. Our economy can't support the population growth forever.

    Yes. People seem to be having more and more children every day. With each generation, comes the question of whether or not there will be enough jobs to support them and their future growing families. I don't think there should be population control or anything like that, however I believe people should use wisdom when bringing new life into this world.

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