Is Rob Portman's support of marriage significant for the GOP?

  • Rob Portman's Support of Gay Marriage is Significant for the GOP

    It is also very touching. For the first time in a long time, a Republican really is a moral and ethical human being. He is moved not by any reason other then love for his son and family. I think he is very brave to do the right thing for him and his family at a time in Washington when to do so may threaten his career. But if the GOP gets too nasty with him, they always need a few good people on the other side of the aisle.

  • Yes, any change toward progressiveness is significant in the GOP.

    It may not become a trend, and it may not hold up in the future. He may go back on it. I am hopeful on this topic, and other central topics, moral ambiguities, and ethical dilemmas will have GOP nominees changing sides. Well, I wouldn't call it changing sides, but really observing what is truth, and what is false. What is right, what is wrong. If all of them did that, I think a trend would occur.

  • Yes, a wee bit.

    Rob Portman's change of position is significant in that it seems the GOP is sustaining more and more leaks in their boat of anti-gay sentiment. Many people only come to the understanding of how prejudicial it is to deny marriage to gays when they discover that a family member is gay. When someone like Rob Portman has the courage to take a stand, and survive it, perhaps others in the GOP will think about reassessing their own positions.

  • No, Rob Portman's support of marriage is not significant for the GOP.

    He is the only Senator to take a positive stance on gay marriage. He changed his mind when he gay son came out. He has a hard fight ahead of him, and there are a lot of bigots out there who think marriage should be between man and woman, but in reality, it should be through love.

  • No, it wasn't

    When somebody in the GOP says something the GOP doesn't like they just write the speaker off for dead instead of taking what they say into account. The GOP stance on gay marriage will be where it is until the generation promoting it dies off, one person flipping isn't going to change a bunch of bigots.

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