Is Robby Motz the right move for Equals Three?

Asked by: Neckee777
  • Oi robby 1v1 me bruv

    I've been playing minecraft hunger games for about ten years now so I'm practically a pro ok so robby you better start getting ready bruv ok you cannot comprehend my god like skill in minecraft hunger games all right my name is Cory and I'm a busta like you finna die bro ok so get ready

  • Yes my dood

    I just love it my dood he is such a good host bro like, Just promote him mate it is so pogchamp to see a new and good host like bro have you watched Cory in the house man Cory is a busta so yeah those are my two cents btw Cory in the house is the best anime

  • Amazing host I loved him

    He is a great host he knows how to keep jokes funny without going to much on the judgemental or racist side so that it offends people he was a great host and i was so sad when he left the show it wont be the same without him to be honest i thing many people will moss robby motz i know i wil.

  • They couldn't have found a better one.

    I was expecting to hate the new host. But Robby is amazing! I can bet that when it's time for Robby to move on and retire from =3, everyone will be miserable. He has a bright future at =3. He has a lot of talent at impressions and just being funny, and he has the good aspects of both maturity (good presenting skills) and immaturity (funny jokes). He also somehow manages to be exactly like Ray but also have his own personality at the same time. He's great! Good job picking him, Ray!

  • Of course he is!

    I think Ray made an excellent decision for casting Robby Motz as the new host for Equals Three. He's young and is quirky and funny in his own way, and it must be a great honour for him to work on such a huge show. I accept that Ray has moved on from the whole Equals Three "beast" and I'm glad he decided to shoot for a new host, and Robby is definitely a great decision.

  • I love robby

    He is such a great host he's funny, He has a long neck, And he's human but it is kinda weird to see a guy taller than me like bruv i'm 9ft tall why am I not there I just don't get it like mate I'm an 78 year old man but I'm not on there but still love the guy

  • What's =3 confused plz help

    Is Motz that juice company also that kid from home alone looks a lot like robby also that other guy is right Cory is a busta next host should be Cory or raven from desu so raven so yeah you should hurry up and do that =3 staff also how tall is ray?

  • Not Funny At All

    Roby motz was fine for 2 weeks because Ray wrote the script, but when Ray stopped writing the script, he was not funny. I hope Roby improves as a host, but I doubt he will improve. When Ray started =3 Ray was very funny which means Roby should also be very funny. I feel like Roby is like an Iphone, that probably does not make sense to you guys but it means that everyone is supporting him just to be nice. If Roby was a temporary host for Ray, then everyone would probably dislike the video.

  • 100% Agree with the other comments, simply not funny.

    I used to come to RayWilliamJohnson's channel to come and watch RayWilliamJohnson doing what he does best, being hilarious, but now I am going on to RayWIlliamJohnson's channel to go watch some kid called Robby Motz? The kid may have some talent but not enough talent to replace Ray especially on a channel where we are constantly reminded of the natural gift that is Ray. Maybe if he made his own channel with his own style and didn't try to be a Ray copycat he may be good but not on Ray's. He is simply not the best option for =3 to take, they don't need to find someone similar to Ray they just need to find someone who is as funny IN THEIR OWN WAY. This Ray wannabe just doesn't cut it. He is not the right move for Equals Three.

  • Never able to live up to Ray.

    Yes, Robby may be average, good at best but he will never, NEVER, live up to the amazement known as Ray. Ray was a full on beast able of turning anything he said into gold where as Robby would be able to deliver the exact same content without even getting a single smile. Yes he can be likeable, yes I guess he's young and fresh but he will never live up to Ray. You simply cannot learn how to be naturally funny, that is one thing they CAN NOT teach you at acting lessons.

  • He is not nearly as funny as Ray.

    My stomach no longer hurts from laughter at the end of =3. Robby just is not nearly as strong of a comedian, I'm not comparing script here I'm just stating the obvious he just doesn't deliver comedy as well as Ray. Statistics shows it just look at Ray's channel then click on order from most popular the results of the change of host show for themselves.

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