Is Roblox a better way for people to practice essential skills?

Asked by: awesomedude6111
  • Roblox is BOSS

    Roblox is all about interacting with other kids around the world. I have many friends just by getting an account. I can't even count how many people play Roblox, but I can tell you that there are so many accounts that you have to really think hard just to find the right username. Hope you agree with me on this!!!

  • Roblox is awesome

    Yes, it is an RPG where you can fight with other players, while you and them both get better at fighting, though some things in the game, like Ro-Vacuum gear, would never work in real life, I still think that it is cool, like the game speed run, and other games, they even managed too make a typing game in which you pay tix and you can gain money such as robux and tix to buy stuff, and you get building skill and real world plans too!

  • I would start off by saying yes.

    It helps for creativity,social skills,geometry,and geography.It does all of this because people around the world help socialize with each other around a same topic of playing a game it helps with creativity too because of the fact the whole game is your sandbox and any person can make it the way they want it.

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