IS roblox better than minecraft (yes it has over 100 million players minecraft does not)

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  • No way lol

    Even tho Minecraft is younger and has fewer memories with us, IT'S OBVIOUSLY BETTER. And like, Way safer because the predators are rare. I've seen on the news that Roblox has psychopaths and ODs, And there were a bunch of kidnaps. These seven-year-olds saying that Roblox is younger and has AdOpT mE and RoYaL hIgH, But they need to know that a lot of players can mean a lot of predators and way more kidnapping. Minecraft, However, May not have many games, But it doesn't stress us out and has hunger games, Bed wars, Glide, Survival, Creative, And a few others. Also, It teaches you how to survive and/or build, Unlike Roblox lets an OD come into your "dating life. "

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