• Yes it is safe

    You can ban players and report them. You can even put your chat off if you 'd like. It helps not listening to bullies a lot. Once someone called me a noob and got banned when I reported in mad city, Roblox. Conclusion:
    it is actually gonna be real safe.

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  • Yes it is

    Recently, There has been a lot of bad media attention towards roblox, Saying that it is a game full of predators out to get your kids. But the truth is, It's not. The whole story about the 7 year old girl that made the news recently was not in a popular roblox game. It was in a really obscure old game that is easier to exploit. And the people that did that thing to her were most likely edgy kids trying to make a joke. And ever since then roblox has been cracking down on security a whole lot. They made it so only accounts over 13 can play those old easier to exploit games, And even then they made it way harder to hack. You may be wondering about if your child lies about their age, So they would be able to play games like that, But if you set your age on roblox to under 13, There is no way to change it, Making it hard to lie. And roblox does offer security options like making your child not able to see chat, Or not be able to revive messages. But if you do let your child have chat on, The filter is really strong and will keep your kid safe. In conclusion, Those articles were over exaggerated to get clicks, And roblox is a very safe game.

  • Yes It is

    ROBLOX is safe because if brings people together and you don’t have to verify and email but It’s fun for kids of all ages and they have alot of fun games to play for many many people and if you are someone who is reading this agree with me its safe.

  • Roblox is not safe

    THE ROBLOX CHARACTERS TrIED To RapE me LIke WHY woudl they do that to try to hurt my felling? ROBLOX IS OVERALL NOT SAFE I ALMOST DIED YESTerdAy becaAuse of Robuxs TAhnkas for listeni For my grument on whY roBloX is Not SaFE TY peoples like ghanks for real :D

  • Roblox is not safe for young children, Yet.

    I love Roblox, It is one of those few games where you can let your creativity run wild. But the problem is the some people who make games are not thinking about younger audiences. I have seen some things on that game I may never forget. I have seen deaths in games with screeches and blood galore; I have also realized how easy it is to get past the censor barriers. I have even seen news articles about children being invited to private servers to find that they added sexual content to the server the kid joined, Like people naked and even having sex.

    Roblox can be inappropriate, But it's not a lost cause. I firsthand, Believe the Roblox team could better monitor game and chat bars. Only then will Roblox be safe for all ages.

    I rest my case.

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