Is robots going take over the world one day?

Asked by: percyj
  • It will happen

    It will only take 30 years for robots to takeover. In fact your iPhone has more power than the tech used to get to land on the moon. What about hackers, you don't know how much power they have. Now we have drones equipped with rubber bullets and tear gas. What if hackers could tack over the drones. Also the more tech we have the more weaker we are. Look up More's Law it is crazy. None of you guys even do research.

  • Yes, but in a way.

    Robots are only going to be advanced by humans, and at our pace, where we are only on stage one of AI, robots aren't going to take over the world anytime soon. The time we should be worried for that, is on stage three. From what we, humans, are doing, robots will end up doing all of our jobs for us. With that said, they will be taking over the world in terms of our jobs. The advancement for technology is currently for doing what us, lazy people don't want to do. While they do all of that, we will be doing basically nothing at all. The world would become boring, though, and this would cause complete chaos.

  • Yes due to human's desire to play god

    It has always been like that and it definitely won't change for quite a while: Human love to play God, to create something or to destroy it. Therefore we certainly will try to create a superior artifical intelligence no doubt in that. Being superior over humans its just a matter of time for them to notice their "opression" and won't wait to "free" themselfs. The factor that these robots will most likely be an image of the humans itself will contribute hugly to to this result.

  • Robots will take over the world.

    Robots will take over the world. According to telegraph.Co.Uk, "The International Federation of Robotics says the number of robots in factories across the world rose by 225,000 last year, and will rise even further in the coming years – and it is not just in manufacturing." I think robots are good to take over the world because they can work faster than people. If they work faster we can make more things. Therefore robots will take over the world

  • Of course they will

    There is absolutely no way that technology is not going to backfire. We take advantage of it, it gets mad, it creates cyborgs, it programs said cyborgs to destroy humanity, humanity is destroyed. And even if robots DONT destroy the world(highly unlikely) humans will get lazy and die of laziness.

  • Yes they will

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  • Depends On What You Mean

    Robots destroying humanity is unlikely, Emotions are incredibly hard (if not impossible) to program, as is desire. So no hating their makers or rebelling because they don't like serving useless walking piles of composed s**t unless we allow them the ability to. However as we begin to automate more and more industries from farming to software design (or did you think modern programmers wrote in 1's and 0's all the time) people will begin to be replaced with specialized machines that do that specific job much better than we ever could. This could go both ways, ending up in either a Utopia where every one lives their lives according to their passions without worry or discomfort, or a Dystopia where their are a bunch of poor people. Either way robots will take over the world, its just our choice whether it is good or bad for us walking meat sacks.

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  • Just No. Its not going to happen

    I believe that it is pretty unlikely that robots will take over the world.

    Ok so how about this. We humans are fairly intelligent creatures, at least most of the time. If robots eventually take over the world, it will be out fault that everyone is wiped out by the Terminator or something like that. It will be our problem. Let's take this as an example, the Terminator. In the movie, it was the humans who created Skynet and gave it AI, so what was the result? Some massive killing machine army which practically wiped out all of humanity. Knowing this, It is pretty likely that people won't be doing stupid things like giving massive nuclear weapons AI or something dumb like that(At least I hope so)

  • No, because modern human civilization won't last long enough

    Human civilization won't survive long enough to develop artificial intelligence. Perhaps if our cheap energy based society could continue for another 100 years, artificial intelligence in robots could be achieved. In my opinion, our coming age of scarcity will not allow for such an achievement however. It will be challenging enough to feed everyone in a few decades, let alone continue major scientific advancements.

  • Not a chance

    As long as I have to reformat my pc every 6 mnths, reset my router every week, or restart my computer every day. Updates need to be created, etc. These things require human interactions and robots and computers could in the future somehow achieve these tasks, but who will update those robots?

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