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  • Rock isnt dead

    Rock isnt dead! There is still alot of great bands that are really popular and plenty of old bands that are popular and dont look like retiring any time soon! Bands such as the red hot chilli peppers, weezer, Audioslave and theres loads more that youve probably never heard of but yet have a large fan base!

  • No, rock and roll is not dead

    Rock and roll is definitely not dead. Bands are still performing the older rock music as well as branching into many different areas. New songs and bands are formed and created daily. Rock and roll is still a very important musical genre and still brings in money consistently. Rock and roll is such an important genre I don't think it will ever go away.

  • No, it's still rock and roll to me.

    No, Elvis might be dead, but rock and roll is not. A lot of people still like the rock and roll genre, although with more choices, more people have found other types of music that they enjoy. Vintage music is very popular in many circles, and artists continue to produce and sell rock music. It has changed, but it is not dead.

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